Netflix’s Squid Game in Trouble Over Phone Number, Bank Details Leak and More?

Netflix’s Squid Game is a South Korean crossover between Black Mirror and The Platform it seems. The nine-episode survival drama dropped on the streaming giant and gained popularity in no time becoming the top ten trending shows on Netflix in multiple regions, in a matter of days. However, the news about Squid Game‘s popularity is not just limited to how phenomenal it is as a show.

Recently, a ton of reasons have surfaced that has landed the popular show in trouble. It has notoriously gained the spotlight by creating some real-life distress for certain people.

Squid Game: What went wrong?

“With great power, comes great responsibility”- we can all recall this quote from Spider-man and link it to almost every sphere in our life. Well, in today’s world, power is equivalent to popularity and it is important to take responsibility for certain things when you are at the peak, something the creators of Squid Game seemed to have shrugged off.

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The show seemed to have revealed the phone number of a person identified as Mr.Kim making him the victim of incessant calling from viewers, reports Pinkvilla and NetflixSPOTVMBNNews1. The victim is a businessman from the Gyeongbuk region in South Korea, who’s received over a thousand calls and text messages from people asking him to win the game and tossing obscenities his way.

The victim in question has been offered a compensation amount of 1 million KRW. Although, a final agreement has not been locked between both parties. Meanwhile, Huh Kyung Young, a South Korean presidential candidate, has made the offer to buy the leaked phone number through his social media account.

In meantime, you can choose to binge-watch Squid Game which is streaming now. The show stars Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ho Yeon and is available on Netflix.

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