Netflix’s Nailed It Double Trouble Review: Ungodly Mess? Yes Please!

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Nailed It Double Trouble is a reality TV series that is hosted by Nicole Byer with Jacques Torres as the judges. They are joined by a new celebrity guest in every episode.

Bored at home and unsure of what to do, did you try your hand at baking this lockdown… and miserably fail at it? Well, if you’ve got no idea how to make the perfect cake and want to not feel bad alone, then Nailed It! is back with another season! Nailed It Double Trouble is the fifth season of the Nailed It! series and has a pair of not-professional bakers try their luck at recreating beautiful sweet treats.

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Just like the previous seasons, we have Nicole Byer with Jacques Torres as the judges along with a celebrity guest in every episode. If you’d read my review for Nailed It! season 4, then you’d be privy to the fact that this series is a favourite of mine. Watching people miserable and utterly fail at making desserts is a personal favourite pastime, but more than that, it’s how sportingly everyone takes their failure that truly gets me.

Nailed It Double trouble

Nailed It Double Trouble, like its predecessors, is entertaining as all heck. With two people engaged in (poorly) recreating beautiful sweet delights, you’d think they’d be able to coordinate better and bring forth something wonderful. But you’d be surprised. Even with two people at the task, the competitors fail miserably and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch. Before and after shots of what could’ve been and what we got are painful to watch, but will make you chuckle and entertain you to no end.

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Additionally, Nailed It Double Trouble has the ever-funny Nicole Byer and renowned baker Jacques Torres being absolutely gobsmacked after watching the process of the competitors make the cakes. Their reactions are hilarious, especially that of Torres, who looks, for the lack of a better word, pained.

Just like last season, everyone is sporting, happy and open to criticism. The judges, too, provide helpful feedback and we get to see Wes too! Byer’s over-the-top attitude is still going strong this season and she’s a delight to watch. You want to watch her be this person because it’d be too weird without it – you look forward to it. Complementing her is Torres, who is reserved and quiet, but still so humorous.

Summing up: Nailed It Double Trouble

Nailed It Double trouble
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Nailed It Double Trouble is exactly what you need in terms of light-hearted entertainment if you’re bored at home. Trust me, it’s a boon. I still stand by my comment that it’s an anti-bake-off because it is. You know it’s gonna end in disaster and you still watch it happen. It’s absolutely amazing and makes for A+ content. Honestly, it’s astounding how badly these cake-offs fail, and I am here for it.

Nailed It Double Trouble is streaming on Netflix.

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Nailed It Double Trouble is exactly the kind of hot mess we need in our lives right now.
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