Netflix’s ‘Kissing Game’ Review: A Thriller That Progresses Well!

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Kissing Game is streaming on Netflix now, it is a slow burn thriller which keeps you hooked throughout. Kissing Game is a Brazilian TV show and it also goes by the name ‘Boca a Boca’.

This show will seem like it is all in the feels currently because of the pandemic, it might seem like it is on the dot but it is not, Kissing Game is a whole different story altogether. Kissing Game does not unpack slowly, it comes right in your face from the first episode itself. There is drama, humor, and thrilling elements in plenty so it really makes for a fun and entertaining watch. 

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The plot is fairly simple with adequate justice meted out to the story, the actors starring in the series have also done a pretty decent job. To keep it short, teenagers are contracting a strange virus once they kiss other people, their lips turn black from the infection.

Surrounding this infection, there’s shaming and isolating the victim because everybody now knows what the particular person has been up to. There’s a peculiar situation that occurs right after the person has been infected, their blood vessels start to glow in the dark out of nowhere (this part is funny and stupid if you ask me) 

Gets Right Into The Story at Once

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Kissing Game starts with the episode that takes you right in the story, there’s confusion in the beginning because you are caught in the middle of drama along with elements that puzzle you.

The first episode is not long, all episodes are of 45 minutes but the first episode is a bit shorter in duration than the other ones. Episode 2 onwards, the series starts to pick up the pace and we have an idea as to what we are dealing with. 

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The second episode is when you start to get some background information to process the quite frankly, madness. So far we have a virus that does not spare any precocious teenager and what happens to these teenagers after they are subjected to the infection! 

A Well Straightened Out Plot…

Kissing Game has a pretty well evened out plot, there are just 6 episodes in these series so you can watch it without having to pause in the middle (helps with the continuity). The first episode takes us through a case where the victim, Bel becomes the talk of the town and then there is a mysterious occurrence (I don’t want to reveal that because there is not much to talk about anyway).

Soon, we figure out that Bel is definitely not the only one the virus has gone after, there are many other victims waiting to be found out. This is the point which starts to get interesting because now we have the “kissing map”, which basically shows us through a map of how and who could possibly have been affected by the virus. There are enough elements of thrill, suspense, and oddity but Kissing Game is sane for most of the part. 

Too Much Promiscuity! 

I have personally felt that sometimes the story has felt a bit stretched out. It looks like the show makers tried a little too hard to settle in the idea of this outlandish TV show into the heads of the audience. There are too many promiscuous elements in the show which were not necessary and to an extent pretty out of the place, considering that we are talking about school children here!

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There’s an overbearing need to look cool and embrace modernity with a whole party-hard lifestyle that has been adopted by the makers of the show. The whole idea of the show was to uphold the cultural differences that have lead to a clash but instead, the show chooses to lay its focus elsewhere! 

All in all, if you were to just consider my verdict, I’d say watch it because it is short, the story for the most bit in right on point too! This has a fairly new storyline and you just might like it for the refreshing change it brings. Kissing Game’s plot will appeal to many because it is teamed up with the right tinge of drama, light humor and irrefutable thrill!

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Watch it because it is short, the story for the most bit in right on point too! This has a fairly new storyline and you just might like it for the refreshing change it brings.


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