Netflix’s ‘Fatal Affair’ Review: Boring, Flaccid Melodrama!

Fatal Affair is streaming on Netflix now, starring Omar Epps and Nia Long. Peter Sullivan is the director of this film, with movies like Secret Obsession and Dangerous Lies (the latter is undeniably predictable and boring too). Fatal Affair too is no exception. To begin with, it is limping on a plot that lacks any suspense, thrill, or even a decent story.

This film is about a man who is obsessed with his friend from college. Omar Epps plays the guy and Nia Long plays his college friend. I am honestly confused as to what genre does this film even belongs to? Is it just a stale romantic melodrama or a banal thriller film?! 

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I was yawning and crying out loud for a good 75 minutes honestly. I wished this film ended early because the first 10 minutes is all you will take to know what this movie is about. The story is unoriginal and recycled, and there could have been something interesting in the treatment of the film but there is NOTHING!

Ellie is a lawyer whose marriage is dull and monotonous, much like the film itself. Ellie barely works, she only has sex and almost everywhere. The only aesthetically pleasing bit about Fatal Affair is the beautiful beach house Ellie lives in. To rescue her from this dull marriage, our hero Omar Epps comes along, as a co-worker (how original!). 

Netflix Should Remove This From the List of Thrillers…

Netflix, if you are reading this please remove Fatal Affair from the list of thrillers. The extramarital fling is has spun out of control for some very strange reason that I haven’t been able to understand. Omar Epps has suddenly become this psychotic lover, who does nothing all day apart from stalking his high school love interest. There’s no sophistication about the whole “affair”, there’s typically googled pick up lines topping off that there are predatory glances from Nina’s lover which is creepy and is basically a cringe-fest. 

It’s Not Even a Romantic Melodrama! 

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Fatal Affair hangs and stays in the awkward middle for far too long for you to become uncomfortable with the whole film. “You deserve to be with a man who appreciates you,” yes that is exactly how cliched the dialogues are… I mean how old did the director think his audience would be? Anyway, the film starts to pick up the pace, Ellie snaps out of her daze and dives into reality but just when you think things look orientated enough, that is when Fatal Affair disappoints you. 

Filled with Usual, Disappointing Elements! 

Omar Epps plays the cliched crazy stalker, he does not respect or even understand the meaning of boundaries. Our damsel in a seemingly amount of distress pushes him away and asks him to stay away but he is way too casual about the whole situation.

There’s a stupid secret that looms over Ellie even though she plays dumb and deaf to ignore all the red flags all the while. The whole idea of making a woman look as if she deprived of her basic IQ is something I find so disturbing.  

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Fatal Affair is a waste of time, it is a careless, lazy effort at making a thriller movie. There is barely anything that you will take away from this film at the end. Among all this shitshow, there are moments of respite because there are performances that are decent and believable enough for you to somehow sit through the whole film! There are shortages of twist, or maybe there isn’t but they are heavily anticipatory so that is that! 

There are certain moments which break away the monotonous plot and help you tolerate the film all in all. I have felt that Fatal Affair has treated itself too easily that it never gave itself a chance to flourish as a thriller because there is no denying we could have had a decent thriller out of this story.




There is a shortage of amusing and original elements so it is not something I would ask you to watch. Watch Fatal Affair if you want to get bored or you could google recipes of brownies and bake one in these 90 minutes.

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