Netflix’s You’ve Got This Review: Baby Talk

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You’ve Got This, also known by its Spanish title Ahí te Encargo, is a Spanish-language romantic comedy movie directed by Salvador Espinosa, written by Tiaré Scanda and Leonardo Zimbrón, and starring Esmeralda Pimentel, Mauricio Ochmann and Matteo Giannini.

It’s raining… babies

The basic premise of You’ve Got This is babies. Alex wants a baby desperately, and he feels like he’s ready to be a father. However, his ambitious wife Ceci isn’t ready to be a mother. Trouble and chaos ensue when Alex has to take care of a bundle of joy out of the blue.

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Listen, this movie is infuriating throughout, although it redeems its characters a bit at the end. And it’s just not its male characters, even the female characters are horrible. Alex cannot think of anything in life other than having children. He has no prior experience in handling babies, but thinks he’d be an awesome dad because he can soothe strangers’ kids. He also thinks that all you have to do is love and play with the baby, so I don’t blame him for the previous thought. Thus, the only thing he can talk to his wife about is… babies.

Ceci, on the other hand, has hopes and aspirations and is in line to become a partner at her company. She (very rightly) doesn’t think this is a good time, and she’s not ready. Which is, honestly, reason enough. However, Alex cannot let it go. Every conversation comes back to having babies, and he constantly, for some (sexist) reason, says that women are born with motherly instincts (?).

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However, when faced to take care of an actual baby for a few days, Alex realises that it’s more than cuddling and cooing the baby. Alan, as any one-year-old, is a handful (and very cute!). The first thing an overwhelmed Alex does is put him in a box and keep him there for hours so that his boss doesn’t get to know. He then leaves the poor baby alone in a room at his home which screams safety hazard for a baby. However, he STILL insists on having a baby. So obviously there’s a fight and everything’s crappy but then it works out in the end and we have a happy ending.

You've Got This

This is one of the most toxic portrayals of a relationship that I’ve seen, and Alex and Ceci both seriously need some couple’s counselling. Neither of them talks to each other about big decisions and thinks that it’s absolutely okay to just wing these things. They are severely underprepared to handle a child, yet one of them wants to be a parent and so much more. Their characters are nothing more than Alex wanting to be a parent at whatever cost and Ceci being a career woman who won’t “give Alex a baby” (boohoo). There’s sexism spewing all over the place, and we’re hinted at a slight backstory when it comes to Alex, but Ceci? Nope, no backstories for her.

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You’ve Got This features a talented bunch of actors, and acting’s pretty good. Mauricio Ochmann as Alex the man-baby, and Esmeralda Pimentel as the beautiful and focused Ceci look wonderful together and do what they have to with their roles. They sell whatever little their characters have to say, and its mostly a good watch. Even the supporting cast acts well and are good with their roles. The cinematography is fine, and colours shine on the screen, giving it the romcom vibe that we all are pretty aware of at this point.

Summing up: You’ve Got This

You've Got This

You’ve Got This’s premise is pretty average, and the storyline mostly annoying till the last bit. At least the characters grow up and are given a satisfactory arc that will make you smile. The 1-hour-51-minute runtime can be infuriating for many people, especially because these (seemingly) adults behave worse than little Alan, and it’s a trainwreck. But if you’re thinking of watching a light-hearted romantic movie, this isn’t the worst of the lot.

You’ve Got This is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's You've Got This is a decent entertainer with some very problematic themes. Except for the ending, there's not much redeemable here.
Archi Sengupta
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