Netflix’s Your Life Is a Joke Season 1 Review: Travelogue With a Dash of Stand Up Comedy

Netflix’s Your Life Is A Joke Season 1 is a reality TV show that stars comedian Oliver Polak and his shenanigans. With fun meet and greet and behind-the-scenes footage, the show sets up an air of hilarity. It consists of three episodes dedicated to three celebrity guests who are going to join Polak. Each episode ranges around 30 minutes or more. It has subtitles available in both English as well as German. However, the audio is available only in German.

– Netflix’s Your Life Is A Joke review contains mild spoilers –

Your Life Is A Joke: Kind of a Reality TV Docuseries

We meet Oliver Polak, a renowned stand-up comedian, who accompanies the most exciting stars of Germany to their favourite spots and spends the day with them. However, that is not all as by the end of each day there awaits a special stand up comedy event, where Oliver roasts the stars in good humour based on the events of the day and how they spent it. First up in the episode line up we meet Christian Ulmen (episode 1), followed by Nura (episode 2) and lastly, Jennifer Weist (episode 3).

Oliver Polak is one of the most charismatic comedians out there, so having him on screen is always a delight. At the start of the first episode, we see him introduce us to the opening intro song of the show as he is in the car with Christian Ulmen and he goes on to sing the song with full-fledged emotions holding nothing back is just one of those moments when you realize you are in for a treat.

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The first episode is with Christian Ulmen, a German actor best known for his TV series ‘Jerks.’ The duo goes to Ulmen’s favourite spots which included a hardware store, a car wash place, a waterbody to swim in and ending the day with a delicious plate of food. The day is filled with personal accounts from both the comedian and the actor as they end up sharing funny and intimate stories and driving down to their destinations in ta car, almost giving the feel of two friends on a day out.

In the second episode, we meet Nura, a German Rap Star with whom the day goes on in the same way as the duo visits a roller skating rink and a nail salon. Polak’s last guest on the show is Jennifer Weist, the popular rock musician who is known for being the frontwoman of the band Jennifer Rostock. The rockstar takes Oliver to her favourite places which starts with a gym, followed by a tour eating ice creams and beer that ends with a boat ride.

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Each episode ends with a stand-up comedy segment from the comedian where the stars sit in to watch. It is hilarious how Polak turns the events of the day which constitutes certain sensitive information into a series of jokes that is good-natured and never offensive. Each episode which is shot over a day’s time collects reflections and stories about these celebrities who were not reachable or known before this- be it Nura’s heritage or Jennifer Weist coming-of-age musical journey.

Your Life Is A Joke Season 1: Final Verdict

Your Life Is A Joke is a television comedy that lingers on with the notion of being a docuseries simultaneously, something which is refreshingly new and unique.

You can watch all the episodes of Your Life Is A Joke Season 1 on Netflix.

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Your Life Is A Joke is Netflix's 2021 release starring Oliver Polak in his comedian shoes.

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