Netflix’s You Are My Spring Episode 7 Recap: Flashback

You Are My Spring or Neoneun Naeui Bom is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-ri. You Are My Spring Episode 7 runs for 75 minutes.

The official Netflix synopsis for You Are My Spring reads:

A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

– You Are My Spring episode 7 recap contains spoilers –

You Are My Spring Episode 7 recap

You Are My Spring episode 7 starts with everyone clamouring to find Chase. Da-jeong rushes to his hotel room when he doesn’t answer the phone in his room. However, when she gets to his room and tries to wake him up, he tries to strangle her (going back to the last episode). Anyway, she, obviously, being the really good person that she is, lets this slide.

Later on, in You Are My Spring episode 7, Young-do works at the café but is absolutely useless at the till since he can’t figure out the customers’ orders. His face is so amusing! Ahn Ga-yeong is still at Da-jeong’s place and I am getting bored of this now and it needs to end. Anyway, she goes back to help at the café after giving Ga-yeong her food. Young-do notices the bruises on Da-jeong but the latter tries to downplay the situation. Young-do gets agitated and angry at her nonchalance and then tells her how he feels for her, but more yell-y.

Anyway, we see Young-do and Da-jeong’s relationship growing further as he tries to apply ointment to her bruises. We then see Young-do finding out about Ga-yeong living with Da-jeong and is absolutely baffled regarding what to do. Ga-yeong later proceeds to tell Da-jeong about her past in You Are My Spring episode 7 and her relationship with Young-do.

Later, Chase reaches out to Da-jeong and apologises to her about the incident last time. They talk about nightmares and she overshares about her dreams. Da-jeong tells him to have a  good dream that night which Chase is thankful for.

The real twist arrives in the form of a flashback. We go back to when Chase was abandoned at Nanum Jeil Prayer House by his mother. Turns out, Young-do was also kept there for a short while by his father. It is there that he met Chase, but unlike Chase, Young-do’s father came around and took him back. These are pretty dark and the abuse is likely horrific.

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As these things come to light, the detectives try to decipher what this means for the case. They try to understand where Chae Jun committed the murders or whether Chase did. Meanwhile, Da-jeong goes out for lunch and is shocked to learn that her meal was paid for. She comes back from lunch only to see Chase checking out of the hotel.

Young-do gets a text from one of his patients which sounds alarming and rushes over to meet him. Anyway, standing under the rain gives him a fever and he is admitted to the hospital. Da-jeong is taken aback when she learns that he’s sick. She calls him and delivers a monologue about how unfair it is that he does so much for her, but she cannot help him.

Young-do asks her to come to his house in You Are My Spring episode 7. She arrives with porridge and he tells her about his life and his family. His story is extremely well-said and will touch your heart. But what drives it home is when he tells her that he likes her and asks her to be his friend.

After she leaves in You Are My Spring episode 7, both Da-jeong and Young-do think about the discussion that took place. And in a (not so) shocking turn of events, Da-jeong comes back to Young-do’s house and she hugs him. The episode ends with them embracing each other.

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you are my spring episode 7
Netflix's You Are My Spring Episode 7 Recap: Flashback 9

Apart from these updates, You Are My Spring episode 7 also features a lot of screentime for Ga-yeong, entirely too much of that.

Although I am still unsure as to where Nevertheless is going with its story, I am intrigued to see Young-do and Da-jeong’s relationship and where it goes. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and watch where it takes us.

You Are My Spring is streaming on Netflix.

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You Are My Spring episode 7 features tons of flashbacks and a cute Young-do and Da-jeong moment!

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