Netflix’s You Are My Spring Episode 6 Recap: Love Blossoms

You Are My Spring or Neoneun Naeui Bom is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-ri. You Are My Spring episode 6 runs for 69 minutes.

The official Netflix synopsis for You Are My Spring reads:

A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

– The You Are My Spring episode 6 recap contains spoilers –

You Are My Spring episode 6 recap

You Are My Spring episode 6 takes us to the night when Young-do meets Da-jeong on the terrace. It’s a sweet scene and he asks her what crazy things she wants to do since it’s snowing. Da-jeong smiles and asks him whether the crazy magnolias are still there. They both laugh and the next scene is of them standing in front of a huge flight of stairs.

They go to see the magnolias in front of his school and it’s so cute to watch them have fun and laugh together. Their increasing bond is great to watch and they genuinely have great chemistry. Sitting on the stairs, they talk about various things from their past and this only strengthens their bond.

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Young-do and Da-jeong then wear costumes and walk around the city. Da-jeong looks great, but Young-do’s getup is something else altogether. It’s hilarious to watch him walking around wearing a white robe and long hair! Anyway, as they are going back home in a bus, the inspector who got stabbed in the last episode is taken to the hospital and he is tended to by Chase in You Are My Spring episode 6. Detective Ko is already suspicious of him, and this only fans that flame.

Detective Ko is hard at work going through the CCTV footage to figure out Detective Park’s whereabouts in You Are My Spring episode 6. As he looks at Chase, we see someone else also following Chase. Park follows the guy, who tries to run away from him. He gives chase but loses him in one of the alleys, well, until he’s stabbed by him. Seems like the killer wasn’t Chase after all, or maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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Both Young-do and Da-jeong’s homes are occupied by unwanted people in You Are My Spring episode 6 and thus they both hang out at his office. More cute banter follows, after which they get to work. Da-jeong later realizes that Young-do has fallen asleep on the chair and she tiptoes away, only to see everything that she had given him neatly displayed on his table. This, obviously, pleases her and before long, the sun comes up. The morning is awkward as hell!

Later on, in You Are My Spring episode 6, Young-do goes to meet Detective Park at the hospital and it seems like the latter is getting better quickly. However, the psychological aspect seems to be there. Ko, on the other hand, is getting a talking to from his superiors for prioritizing Lee Jeong-beom’s case over others. Later on, Young-do is given the task of going through the security footage and analyzing the suspect’s gait. While doing so, he finds something suspicious…

You Are My Spring episode 6
Netflix's You Are My Spring Episode 6 Recap: Love Blossoms 10

At his brother’s funeral in You Are My Spring episode 6, Chase sees his brother’s apparition and follows him to a house. There are flashbacks and such and he reaches Gugu Building and goes into the café. There, he meets Da-jeong, and everyone is shocked to see him there. Chase and Da-jeong talk about Chae Jun and how he has caused both of them difficulties and pain.

After Chase leaves, we see a bit of his past and it’s traumatic as heck. No wonder he doesn’t remember much of it. He passes out at night and when Da-jeong tries to wake him up, he tries to strangle her, probably thinking that she was attacking him.

The first half of You Are My Spring episode 6 continues like last time – with there being too much fluff, especially concerning Ahn Ga-yeong and Eun-ha. Sure, it might cut through the heavier aspects of the second half, where we get to see both Young-do and Chase’s traumatic pasts, still, I’d rather watch some more stuff that unravels the mystery than Ga-yeong doing stupid stuff.

You Are My Spring is streaming on Netflix.

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You Are My Spring episode 6 is a mish-mash of fluff and serious stuff, and I wish I had more of the latter!

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