Netflix’s You Are My Spring Episode 4 Recap: A Doppelganger

You Are My Spring or Neoneun Naeui Bom is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-ri. You Are My Spring episode 4 runs for 67 minutes.

The official Netflix synopsis for You Are My Spring reads:

A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

– The You Are My Spring episode 4 recap contains spoilers –

You Are My Spring episode 4 recap

You Are My Spring episode 4 opens where we left off in the last episode – Da-jeong finds Chae Jun in her hotel. Or, well, someone who looks like Chae Jun, maybe? She looks like she has seen a ghost, which is kinda true for her. However, when someone comes and interrupts the meeting, Da-jeong apologises and says that she mistook him for someone else. I have my doubts since Chae Jun’s doppelganger looks like he has something up his sleeve and knows exactly what he’s doing.

In her office in You Are My Spring episode 4, she can’t believe what just happened. In the logs, she finds out Chae Jun’s doppelganger’s name – Ian Norman Chase. This person works as a neurosurgeon in a hospital and supposedly has no connection with Chae Jun; or maybe, we haven’t found the connection yet.

When Ko goes to check the church where Da-jeon’s photo was taken he gets to know in You Are My Spring episode 4 that the church in question no longer exists. Apparently, that wasn’t even a real church and the people working there indulged in illegal activities and abused children. The man calls it a cult. Detective Ko goes further to investigate the claims of the childcare facility that they operated out of. The scenes inside are grisly and creepy but he sees the different toothbrushes there.

At Young-do’s place, Ahn Ga-yeong goes to meet him and he brushes her off. I still don’t understand what the point of this sub-plot is. However, whatever it is, it kinda slows the episodes down since they are annoying and have no reason or bearing on the plot.

Anyway, Da-jeong goes to meet Detective Ko to tell him about Chae Jun’s doppelganger, Ian. She asks whether he had any brothers, but the detective says that he didn’t have any family, let alone brothers. This greatly surprises Da-jeong, and she wonders out loud as to how they can look so similar.

Everyone at the police station teases Young-do about his relationship with Da-jeong which he tries to vehemently deny. One of them then tells Young-do that Da-jeong saw someone who looks exactly like Chae Jun. This makes him wonder what could be up. Later in You Are My Spring episode 4, Da-jeong catches Young-do at the gift shop trying to get a Mr Hollow figurine. The way he plays with the toys in order to not get caught is hilarious and they look ecstatic when they finally do find one.

Later on, in You Are My Spring episode 4, we spend an enormous amount of time watching Da-jeong’s mother and Young-do talk about pointless stuff and the former being kinda rude. Again, don’t understand the point of this at all, and I hope it somehow adds something to the plot later on.

Anyway, the next day, Ian gets up after seeing a horrifying dream. He sees himself on the TV and he’s not the only one. So does Detective Ko and someone else. However, everyone is equally shocked at what they witness. Meanwhile, Young-do helps Seo Ha-neul move into Gugu Building. They all have lunch at the terrace and the conversation is wild.

Anyway, Ian gets the envelope from the crime branch which basically tells him to call them with a picture of Chae Jun. I don’t know, I just don’t trust this guy. Later, Ha-neul runs down the building, crying and then tells Cheol-do that Young-do is hurt. Da-jeong overhears this and rushes around a bit until she finally gets to know what’s going on.

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However, Young-do looks fine in You Are My Spring episode 4 and is tending to patients at the hospital. When he gets a hold of his phone, he sees that he has 8 missed calls from Da-jeong. Obviously, he’s very scared and concerned and rushes out. Cutting to the chase, it turns out to be Ha-neul’s dog. I mean, again, don’t understand the point of this, but ok. One good thing that does come out of this scene is that Young-do finally confesses to himself and us that he might just be having feelings for Da-jeong.

Detective Ko tries to figure out what went on in the childcare facility all those years back. He goes through their logbook. Meanwhile, Kang Tae-jung sees Ian at the bar. A few moments later, Da-jeong also goes there and comes across Ian. Since Tae-jung doesn’t seem to know the truth about Chae Jun, which is odd considering that was all over the news, he points him out to Da-jeong who immediately goes into panic mode.

Ian comes over to talk to her, having caught her staring at him. He asks her whether he knows someone who looks like him. When she says that she does, he becomes angry and rudely talks to her. However, they sort that out and she apologises for staring at him.

you are my spring episode 4
Netflix's You Are My Spring Episode 4 Recap: A Doppelganger 11

Young-do and Ko discuss the baffling case of Chae Jun’s doppelganger. Young-do later goes to Jun’s suicide site to understand the problem a bit better. Once there, he sees someone and is left shocked and speechless – it’s Chae Jun… or Ian… or both… or none?

You Are My Spring episode 4 is a mixed bag for me. As per usual, it delivers a great twist at the end but fails to keep it engaging throughout. There are moments that seem unnecessary and rather dull and the series could’ve done without. It’s also difficult to ascertain which direction the series will go. Although it’s certain that Chae Jun will be a big part, there are too many loose ends to be absolutely sure at this point. All in all, the twists will make you want to keep watching, however the pointless moments are the times when you will feel utterly bored.

You Are My Spring is streaming on Netflix.

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You Are My Spring episode 4 has a great twist at the end but has moments of utter boredom scattered in different parts.

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