Netflix’s You Are My Spring Episode 2 Recap: A Shocking Twist

You Are My Spring or Neoneun Naeui Bom is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-ri. You Are My Spring episode 2 runs for 68minutes.

The official Netflix synopsis for You Are My Spring reads:

A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

– The You Are My Spring episode 2 recap contains spoilers –

You Are My Spring episode 2 recap

You Are My Spring episode 2 opens 18 years ago at a bar. We see a young Ju Young-do going to the bar’s bathroom. While peeing, he is astonished to see a man furiously washing his bloody shirt. As they lock eyes, Young-do realizes that it’s Chae Jun. We are transported back to the last episode, where Young-do tells Jun to stop seeing Da-jeong.

That’s when Da-jeong also gets there and it doesn’t seem like Jun is going to stop seeing her. Young-do calls him a sociopath under his breath. It is crazy how Jun emulates feelings and reactions. He completely changes his tune in front of her. Anyway, Jun walks away with Da-jeong and begins to annoy her. As Jun gives her a paper rose in order to win her over, someone takes their pictures.

Back at the apartment in You Are My Spring episode 2, Young-do wonders what to do with this situation before leaving. Meanwhile, Ja-deong causes an accident while looking at the rose.

The next day, Da-jeong elects to take her friend to see an astrologer, who, in turn, does a reading for her. However, neither is happy with the outcome of the readings and call it trash. At the precinct in You Are My Spring episode 2, Young-do is searching for the guy he saw at the bar 18 years ago. Well, he wants to confirm whether it’s Chae Jun.

As Da-jeong is working and taking care of the various situations in her hotel, Chae Jun decides to wait at the bakery back at home. We also see Young-do interacting with his patients. As the day is over and Da-jeong gets down from the bus, she sees a man at the stop and seems to be happy thinking that it’s Chae Jun. Jun’s tricks seem to be working on her, although his stalking should’ve had the absolutely opposite effects.

Meanwhile, Ahn Ga-yeong comes over to tell Young-do that she’s fallen for an idol singer. He is happy at the revelation because now she might leave him alone. However, she tells him that if this doesn’t work out, she will come to rant to him. Their conversation is very weird and I don’t know what that adds to the story. Well, other than the fact that we get to know that he is not getting into a relationship because he’s scared that he will get hurt.

The next day in You Are My Spring episode 2, Da-jeong and Young-do get busy putting up a tent on their terrace. In the middle of it, he asks her whether he knows which high school Jun went to. In turn, she asks him why he asked her not to date him. He asks her if she found anything odd with Jun and she says no. Da-jeong takes this as a hint that Young-do might like him. She asks him point-blank, and he refuses.

Later in You Are My Spring episode 2, Eun-ha tells Da-jeong that Chae Jun has said that he will not be coming to meet her for some time. She blames her for saying mean things to him and that he looked miserable and it’s all her fault. This makes Da-jeong feel bad for her behaviour towards Jun. We get to see that Da-jeong had formally and solidly turned Jun down the other night and that’s why he said what he did. Good for her!

That night, Da-jeong reads Young-do’s book, with the rose in the dustbin. The falling snow reminds Da-jeong of her childhood when she used to see her neighbours. However, her dream is interrupted by a call. Chae Jun is at the bar and Da-jeong rushes to meet him. They discuss their relationship and he says that he missed her. Obviously, that turns into them more or less professing their feelings for each other.

You Are My Spring episode 2 then moves on to the next day, where Young-do is talking about sociopaths and discussing their characteristics while we see Jun and Da-jeong’s relationship grow. It’s quite interesting to watch these two parts play out together and is slightly thrilling. Honestly, since we know that he might be a sociopath, his interactions with Da-jeong seem much more horrifying than normal.

They go to a café to eat and it is evident in their conversation that Da-jeong has really taken to Chae Jun. Meanwhile, Young-do tells Ko Jin-bok about his encounter at the bar restroom all those years ago. Jin-bok asks him to be wary of the person if they turn out to be the same.

After an encounter with a coworker, Da-jeong is shocked to find Chae Jun trying to crack her phone’s passcode. This rattles her deeply and she takes a long moment to wonder what she just witnessed. During this, Young-do sees her and they discuss Chae Jun and her feelings.

you are my spring episode 2
Netflix's You Are My Spring Episode 2 Recap: A Shocking Twist 13

At work in You Are My Spring episode 2, Da-jeong opens the paper rose that Chae Jun had left behind for her the previous night and sees something scribbled there – Yongsan Station, 99, 7641. A surprising combination of words and letters. It makes Da-jeong wonder as well.

Well, we can’t spend so much time thinking about that because You Are My Spring episode 2 immediately takes us to Chae Jun hanging out outside Young-do’s office and staring at him. He leaves when Young-do goes inside. Just then, detective Ko calls him and tells him that Chae Jun is the killer and that the Han River Patrol Division is at his house!

Young-do rushes off when he hears this to find out where Da-jeong is. He tries to call and check in everywhere he knows, to no avail. She, meanwhile, is at Yongsan Station and figures out that it’s a storage locker. Inside, she finds the music box that they had seen in the café. As the music stops playing, she finds a picture inside and looks horrified to see it.

Chae Jun is at an unfinished building and seems to be sobbing? We don’t know what is going on though and before we can figure anything out, he jumps down from the top and falls on his car. Young-do finds him there and he, too, looks quite shocked. We then get to see that Chae Jun was Da-jeong’s classmate in school – the back of the photograph reads, “I finally found you” as the screen cuts to black.

You Are My Spring is streaming on Netflix.

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You Are My Spring episode 2 stutters a little throughout but delivers a final twist that leaves us shocked.

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