Netflix’s You Are My Spring Episode 14 Recap: Three Important Words

You Are My Spring or Neoneun Naeui Bom is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-ri. You Are My Spring Episode 14 runs for 73 minutes.

The official Netflix synopsis for You Are My Spring reads:

A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

– You Are My Spring episode 14 recap contains spoilers –

You Are My Spring episode 14 recap

Ah, love is in the air in You Are My Spring episode 14 and we love it! Young-do and Da-jeong’s relationship seems full of hope as they are very much in the honeymoon phase of it. He drives her home and rushes to open the door for her, but Da-jeong, not understanding his intentions, smacks him with the door. She’s a bit taken aback as to why he wants to open the door for her all of a sudden!

you are my spring episode 14

They continue to see each other off and go up and down the Gugu Building at least twice. It’s so cute! They are totally like little kids and talk on the phone about everything. They eventually fall asleep on the phone with each other. Ah, love! This makes my heart so happy.

Meanwhile, Ha-neul has a crush on Eun-ha who, in turn, has a crush on Tae-jeong. Poor Ha-neul seems pretty sad about it. On the other hand, Young-do constantly changes his clothes and is very confused in order to impress his lady love. He even announces to Mi-kyeong that he has a girlfriend now in You Are My Spring episode 14; she seems really happy.

Young-do, in order to switch up his look, tries something… interesting and it doesn’t turn out how he thought it would. If anything. Da-jeong is shocked at what she sees in You Are My Spring episode 14 and makes him go back to his original style in a washroom. The date goes well and it’s hella cute. Unfortunately, Ga-yeong and Patrick go on a break to test their relationship.

you are my spring episode 14

In You Are My Spring episode 14, we get a little peek into Mi-kyeong’s life. Baek Hyun-joo is a lovely actor and you can’t help but connect with her character, even though she’s not a primary character. Meanwhile, Young-do and Da-jeong go out on another date, where she tells him that she told Eun-ha, Cheol-do and A-ri about their relationship. Young-do, on the other hand, tells her that he told a bunch of random people in different stores and Ga-yeong. Da-jeong does not have words.

Ok, coming to the more serious stuff, Detective Ko is telling his team about the murders and what they know so far. After going through the evidence, he says that he thinks that Choi Jeong-min singlehandedly murdered all the victims, however, Jae-sik was either an accomplice in all or some of the murders. Also, they say that there was bad blood between Jae-sik and either one or both the twins.

Ko tries to imply that Chase knows about Jae-sik in an interview with him and Chase does not take this lightly and tells him that he will not cooperate further. Before leaving, Ko asks Chase what he’s hiding. The next day in You Are My Spring episode 14, Da-jeong is a bit shaken after watching the news on this. Young-do calls her then and tells her that he has to go to the police station, but will meet her after.

you are my spring episode 14

Meanwhile, Park Ho meets Da-jeong and tells her that the police will be making rounds at the hotel for some time until Chase moves back to his studio. He overhears her asking Ho whether Choi Jeong-min was a bad person and asks her why she cares since he’s already dead. She says in You Are My Spring episode 14 that if he did commit those murders, then she wouldn’t cry for him.

They further talk about Nanum Jeil Church and Chase tells her that he remembers everything from that time. She asks him what Jeong-min meant by “I finally found you” in the photo he left behind for him with the music box. Further, she also wants to know whether he had anyone to lean on. He says, what if he didn’t have anyone? She tells him that, had she known, she would’ve reached out to him.

you are my spring episode 14

Chase tells her in You Are My Spring episode 14 that the one who patted her on the head was Jeong-min, whereas the one who got angry at her was him. He also tells her how he and his brother got separated – one stayed in Korea while the other was sent to the US. This is a lot of information for Da-jeong, but when she sees Young-do waiting for her outside the hotel, it’s all good.

you are my spring episode 14

That night, in You Are My Spring episode 14, Da-jeong comes to meet Young-do at his clinic and they talk about him going to a therapist and how bad the experience was. Before going out, Da-jeong tells him that the day he left her on the rooftop, the only thought she had was that he had done so much for her, but she couldn’t do anything for him. And that, perhaps he wanted to tell her his story as well.

Young-do continues to share his feelings with Da-jeong in You Are My Spring episode 14. He tells her that he thought that he was to blame for his brother’s death and that no one comforted him after. Except, the candy that he got from his first love. Da-jeong tells him that if she were there, she would’ve comforted him and told him that he was not to blame. They continue to talk about their past and pain and continue to comfort each other.

The last scene is so heartbreakingly beautiful – with the music and the visuals merging so well together. You Are My Spring episode 14 ends with Young-do coming out after visiting his mother and remember her and Da-jeong giving him candy. And Young-do realizes his connection with Da-jeong from all those years ago – they end up professing their love for each other.

You Are My Spring is streaming on Netflix.

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You Are My Spring episode 14 has lots more drama and lacks much thrill. However, it's very cheesy and we're here for it.

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Netflix's You Are My Spring Episode 14 Recap: Three Important WordsYou Are My Spring episode 14 has lots more drama and lacks much thrill. However, it's very cheesy and we're here for it.