Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Review: Vapid, Stupid and Dramatic!

Too Hot to Handle is a dating reality game show created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. Too Hot to Handle Season 2 was shot in the Turks and Caicos Islands and has 10 episodes, each around 45 – 50 minutes. The first four episodes were released on June 23. The rest are going to come out on June 30.

Back on April 27, 2020, I had reviewed Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle and the first line I had written was: I love all things drama. One year and a pandemic later, it’s shocking how that statement still holds true. You can find me consuming anything which is salacious and dramatic, and although they might (or might not) annoy the hell out of me, I still will not stop watching.

So, we are back again with Too Hot to Handle Season 2. When I realised that they were coming out with a second season, I wasn’t very surprised. Well, maybe I was a little bit, mostly because with the state of the world, you’d expect shooting a horny getaway for “insanely hot” singles would be pushed back. But I guess the thought of hot people not being able to bang each other’s heads (and maybe even other body parts) off is just too important.

That being said, it’s unfair for me to sound salty, considering how much guilty pleasure I derived while watching Too Hot to Handle Season 2. Sure, there were so many flaws in the first season that you might’ve been put off permanently, but if you’re curious, my Too Hot to Handle Season 2 review might just throw some light!

Before I started watching Too Hot to Handle Season 2 though, I did a bit of homework and watched the Reunion episode first. And you know what absolutely got to me? How superficial it all was. The conversation is very surface level and it feels like the most the former contestants can think about is sex, even after coming back from the retreat!

Okay so, let’s get into the second season now. First of all, Netflix, for some reason, decided to release only four episodes at first. The rest are supposed to come out a week later. So, I am already confused regarding what that is supposed to accomplish.

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However, Too Hot to Handle Season 2 has brushed up on the stupidity from last season, somewhat. First of all, the singles were apparently lied to about what show they were getting into. Secondly, the rules are better drawn as well – the money won’t be equally shared like last time. This is great because that means that people who break the rules don’t just get to get away scot-free.

Do they adhere by the rules though? Eh, well, no.

The contestants are just as ditsy and one-dimensional as last time though. The boys can think only of female body parts and all the women are maneaters who want multiple men at the same time. Is that a bad thing? No. But to make these things your only characteristics is very boring. Too Hot to Handle Season 2 does not even try to make its contestants have any other goals in life other than to bang.

In the first episode itself, the singles have snogged and grind-ed with each other to a good degree, a few degrees above Too Hot to Handle season 1. It is shocking just how many people break the rules in the first two episodes. I mean, I know you’re horny, but come on. Moreover, when they finally realise that this is not Singles in Paradise, they act pretty much exactly like the people from season 1. They thump their chests, groan and more or less throw a hissy fit like a bunch of kids on a sugar rush.

Cam and Emily just remind me so much of Francesca and Harry. Too Hot to Handle Season 2 seems like a repetition of its first season and you’d be able to draw the parallels pretty much from the first instance. So then, what’s new this season? I don’t know – honestly. It’s just all the same this time around.

Well, except – these guys are more daring than the people from last season. And that, obviously, means that there’s just so much more drama to unpack here. I won’t give away anything in my Too Hot to Handle Season 2 review, but I think you should watch this one, if not for anything, then for the sheer stupidity and the drama that it brings with it.

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Summing up: Too Hot to Handle Season 2

Too Hot to Handle season 2

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 comes back with more vapid and senseless episodes with contestants whose sole personality trait is being horny. Let’s be real, half of these people are models and are here for the social media clout that they are gonna get the moment they leave this place. Just see what the season 1 people are doing. And honestly, we all know no one’s going to make meaningful connections here, so why bother?

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

– Check back this space for part 2 of Too Hot to Handle season 2 on June 30, 2021! –

*Edited on June 30, 2021 to add the Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Part 2 Review*

We start off Too Hot to Handle season 2 part 2 with more or less similar things as the first season. There’s a “woke” ritual for the women to free themselves of their past traumas and what not while the men indulge in some good ol’ fashioned air humping. The girls burn some papers with their insecurities written on them and all of a sudden there’s a deep spiritual intervention and things are crystal clear in front of them. The men, on the other hand, get to talk to their manhoods this season, a “refreshing” take on last season’s yoni painting session. And then they run into the water… Reminds you of something?

In Too Hot to Handle season 2 part 2, we again get to see people getting kicked out. Well, the reasons are different from the first season, but quite a few people do leave. More people come in as well, so get ready for some more drama. We also get the green light thing from last season. So, if you thought you’d had enough of that drama, it isn’t done with you yet.

So, what’s new in Too Hot to Handle season 2 and why should you wait for Too Hot to Handle season 2 part 2? Honestly, nothing’s new here. It’s almost a repetition of the things that we’ve seen last time. The contestants act the same way as last time, however, this time around most of them are unbearable. At the same time, they are incredibly one-dimensional and boring. I don’t even know what to feel about them! Ugh!

Additionally, how are these people giving handjobs and having sex in the communal bedrooms?! I don’t get it! How do you orgasm in the sheets you are sleeping in?! What is going on?! Furthermore, people just throw around the term “genuine connection” like free candy at a fair. Like, all of them are just so empty and fake and you feel no genuineness. Thus, every time someone says they have a genuine connection, it’s just hilarious and infuriating!

What did we wait for a week for? I don’t know, and frankly, it’s really tiring to watch the same thing over and over again.

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Too Hot to Handle season 2 is superficial and tawdry with no redeeming qualities but does provide mindless entertainment.

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Netflix's Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Review: Vapid, Stupid and Dramatic!Too Hot to Handle season 2 is superficial and tawdry with no redeeming qualities but does provide mindless entertainment.