Netflix’s Titletown High Review: Struggles of High School Football Players

Titletown High, a reality sports series, is now out on Netflix. Directed by Jason Sciavicco, the series has eight episodes of 35 minutes approximately. The series features Samuel Brown, Jake Garcia, Lenley Gross, Kendall Haden, Amari Jones, Grayson Leavy, Morgan Miller, Jacarrius Peak, Ella Sefa, Kaili Spells, Malia Spells and Zoey Watson.

The synopsis reads – In a Georgia town where football rules and winning is paramount, a high school team tackles romance, rivalries and real-life while vying for a title.

– Titletown High review does not contain spoilers –

Titletown High’s first episode is called Are We Official? and the makers take us to Georgia’s Valdosta (Ga.) High School. The football players here are full of big hopes and dreams, and their game means everything to them. The high school has won more than 900 football games in the U.S. That is why director Jason Sciavicco chose this particular high school as a focus in the Netflix series. The players, their loved ones and the coach introduce themselves in the first episode.

About why he chose this high school, Titletown High director Sciavicco told Forbes, “When you take a school like that with so much tradition and history and then you bring a guy like Rush Propst in, we kind of knew what we were going to get as far as high-level football and a lot of pressure and demands on these kids. That leads to good TV with being able to tell on the field and off the field stories.”

As the series proceeds, the drama intensifies in the lives of these high school football players. They all hustle hard so that they can win the state title in the end. But life’s not that simple for anyone, especially for the Valdosta players (Ga.) High School. The players are being trained under the guidance of coach Rush Propst for the big game. Coach Propst is a no-nonsense personality who says, “I’m gonna find out who’s tough, and who ain’t. Trust me.”

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Titletown High Review: Trailer Still
Titletown High Review: Trailer Still

The challenges these boys in the Titletown High series face vary from relationship issues to clash with the teammates to unexpected mishaps. But the boys are full of passion, and when they are on the field, they immerse themselves in the game and their intention to win it. The passion is visible as one of the players says, “I am going to fight for the job. It’s time to go compete.” It’s pretty intriguing to see these players talk about everything on the camera.

Netflix’s Titletown High Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the series shows us the hard work and hardships of high school football players. As someone who isn’t into football, I sometimes have to keep myself focused on the series. Maybe a die-hard football fan will enjoy it better. It’s a treat for them and those who wish to be a professional.

Titletown High is now streaming on Netflix.

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Titletown High Review: The new Netflix docuseries focuses on the high school football players of Georgia's Valdosta (Ga.) High School.

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Netflix's Titletown High Review: Struggles of High School Football PlayersTitletown High Review: The new Netflix docuseries focuses on the high school football players of Georgia's Valdosta (Ga.) High School.