Netflix’s Time to Dance Review: Bland and Forgettable

Time to Dance is a romance musical directed by Stanley D’Costa and starring Suraj Pancholi, Isabelle Kaif and Rajpal Yadav, along with other cast members.

If there is anything I hate more when it comes to movie tropes, it’s when movies open with an elaborate dance sequence. Tell me something, how does a guy wearing rich clothes dancing in the middle of the road have any bearing on the rest of the movie? Moreover, I would still get it if the song was good, however, that’s not the case for Time to Dance. The opening song itself proves to be a damper and will totally ruin your mood when it comes to the rest of the runtime.

I think what is more propesturous about Time to Dance are its god-awful dialogues and its horrible acting.

A few minutes into the movie, Rajpal Yadav (who deserves so much better than this), says that when a woman gives a smile to you, what she is actually saying is: I appreciate you and I love you. The movie is filled to the brim with dialogues such as these or worse and everyone’s dialogue deliveries are as horrible as them. All the actors seem stiff and look like they are being forced to do their job. It’s so off-putting that you are constantly reminded of what a shitty movie this is.

Time to Dance is a movie about dance. Isha is a professional dancer who, along with her partner William, is trying to win a Ballroom and Latin dance competition. However, when she injures her leg and is dumped by her partner, Rishabh becomes her knight in shining armour and swoops in to rescue her.

The movie reminds me of other movies which work in the same vein such as Step Up, ABCD, Street Dancer and the likes. Although the dance forms featured here are a bit different from the rest, the storyline is still mostly the same. From the moment Rishabh starts dancing within the opening minutes of the movie, you know what’s going to happen here. And it doesn’t take long for Time to Dance to go down the tried and tested route and make the male lead the saviour of the female lead.

I hate almost all of the male characters in Time to Dance. All of them are just annoying and extremely condescending and are snobby to the nth degree. On the other hand, Rishabh uses Isha’s leg injury as an excuse to get close to her and puts himself in Isha’s life. Saqib Saleem is also in this movie as an attorney and his introduction is the stuff of nightmares.

Time to Dance movie, as the name suggests, is all about dance. And I must say that amongst all the annoying bits that this movie has to offer, the dance is pretty great. The choreography is honestly spell-binding and Isabelle Kaif and Sooraj Pancholi do a good job at the couple performances. Their chemistry, too, is charming and makes for a good watch. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the music – it’s extremely bland and forgettable.

Now, the last dance, the one that matters the most in dance movies like these, is pretty great but doesn’t do it for me due to its bad music. The songs are just so bad that the dance feels disconnected and loses impact. On the other hand, the problems that Isha and Rishabh face seem trivial due to the bad acting from the cast. Kaif and Pancholi are good together, as I have previously mentioned, but individually don’t steal your hearts. Along with the others here, they all seem very flustered that they have to act in a feature-length movie.

Summing up: Time to Dance

time to dance
Netflix's Time to Dance Review: Bland and Forgettable 4

Time to Dance is a below-average dance movie that doesn’t do most of it right. The dance sequences are great, but the music totally ruins the experience. The storyline is bland and old and mostly feels very disconnected. There’s not much to look forward to here and if you’re in the mood for something like this, there are other movies that have a better chance of touching your heart.

Time to Dance is streaming on Netflix.

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Time to Dance is a bland and forgettable movie that does almost everything wrong.

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