Netflix’s Theo Von: Regular People Review: A Stand-Up Comedy With Quirky Humor

Theo Von: Regular People is a stand-up comedy series directed by Lloyd Stanton and Paul Toogood and stars Theo Von. It has a runtime of approximately 1 hour 1 minute with subtitles and audio available in English.

theo von: regular people

Netflix describes the series as:

“Comedian and podcaster Theo Von holds court with some wild tales about “regular people” from his small-town life in this stand-up special”. 

Theo Von Regular People review does not contain spoilers –

Theo Von: Comical Genius

Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski with a stage name as Theo Von, is a renowned comedian, podcaster, television personality, YouTuber, and actor. He made his debut in Netflix’s 2016 series Theo Von: No Offense where he joked about his dating mishaps. Theo Van is back with his comical series with Theo Von Regular People where he targets the uniform life he underwent in his village. Theo seems energetic and bounces around even before he goes on the stage. The crowd cheers loudly when Theo’s name is announced and he comes running on the stage.

Netflix's Theo Von: Regular People Review: A Stand-Up Comedy With Quirky Humor
Image Credit: A still of Theo Von in Netflix’s Theo Von: Regular People

Theo Von: Stand-up comedy

The much-hyped comedy special is not impressable. It starts out good with the Theo making a superstar entry but has nothing to offer other than double-meaning jokes. The 1-hour long comedy seems dragged and stretched with unnecessary punches. In the last season, he made a joke about gay people, and this time he throws a punch at lesbian people. This proves that Theo only changes the story but the content remains the same as always.

Theo goes on to say that he has had a gender-neutral haircut and now no one can tell him about not supporting gender equality. He reveals that people will not know which gender he is and might be the toughest lesbian one has ever seen. Theo tries to create laughter by using statements like the ball is life but the punches fall flat. The laughter of the audience seems to be artificial and created after his every punch. Theo feels that he looks like shit in this haircut and walks around the stage with weird expressions. 

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Netflix's Theo Von: Regular People Review: A Stand-Up Comedy With Quirky Humor
Image Credit: A still of Theo Von in Netflix’s Theo Von: Regular People

Theo looks more like a rapper and WWE presenter than a comedian as his body language and voice appear similar to them. In contrast to the theme of regular people, all his jokes are on LGBTQ and Homosexuality which is intolerable and messy. Next, he talks about his fight with a black man and gets whistles and cheer from the audience.

Theo thanks his crowd to make it to his show with a negative test and a vax card or a fake vax card and tells them to “let us die together”.  His body language is a complete disaster as he plays around the stage like a kid. His jokes are not mature enough and have the same old flavour.

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Theo Von: Final Verdict

theo von: regular people

Theo Von tries his best to keep his punchlines balanced but miserably fails at delivering it. The trailer is the short version of his bad jokes and the series is a long version of it. Theo’s unfiltered comedy and humour are less understood by most people and it seems that his sense of humour is only for a few.

Theo seems to have deviated from the main topic and beats around the bush with sour punchlines. Overall Theo has to offer cringe and offensive jokes in this series which is a complete disappointment for comedy lovers. Though the start is better it goes on losing its shine as time passes.

Meanwhile, if you are still interested to watch then do check out the Theo Von: Regular People streaming on Netflix.

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  1. Yikes, I feel the complete opposite – I loved this special and was howling laughing (much like the audience) the entire time. If the theme of your review is how offensive this special was, I’m not sure you watched it with the intention to laugh …

  2. “His sense of humor is only for a few” LOL he has one of the largest followings of stand up comedians today. What is this review? Sounds like a hit piece by someone that watched a stand up special on Netflix for the first time

  3. I’m a big fan of Theo on podcasts but I have to agree I didn’t laugh at all while watching the special. He’s a funny guy I just didn’t find the funny in this special.

  4. How are you gonna review comedy specials when you don’t understand humor and everything offends you? Dont bring your sjw nonsense into this genre. Gang

  5. You LGBTQ snowflakes that get offended if the wind blows need to stay your weak asses ALL the way out of the comedy world. We love Chapelles, theo and literally ANY other comedians jokes about the lgbtq community. Because how important you all think you are. Its so arrogant to think that anyone gives two shits about who you’re sleeping with.

  6. I laughed the whole time, then went out and got a gender neutral haircut myself. His mind is absolutely creative, and is from a place where all your sjw shit doesn’t exist. He has always looked at people with his heart. You’re just hating because you couldn’t d find anything solid to crucify him with. Thats because there was not hate in any of his jokes. This writer is a shit head that doesn’t know how to laugh, because they want to be offended. If we can’t make fun and laugh at each other we’re doomed. Comedians are leading the way for healing, let it happen.

  7. Honestly, I didn’t find it too funny, tho it had some funny jokes..i’ve seen Theo live tho and died laughing. You madam, are insane..Theres actually an article from decider where the guy writes about how in his 1st special he targets a lil more so at others expense(gays, disabled) and now he’s doing it to himself and made it all come together really nice for everyone…YOU LITERALLY GOT OFFENDED BY NOTHING. You are the woke SJW bs..Iam all about sensitive equality, but you are just unreal. I didn’t find it that great, which is fine..but holy shit, SO far from the truth that this is at all offensive to anyone. its fing comedy dude and this was insanely light and all directed at himself in everyway..damn people like u are literally the worst. TRY TO LAUGH AND NOT BE SO SERIOUS, it’ll literally make ur life lighter n wisdom creep in..and then you will understand comedy..comedy is mean’t to poke at everyone n everything, its inclusive, ur just being a turd fake..idk, the worst…gross

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