Netflix’s The Upshaws Review: A messy family

The Upshaws is a sitcom created by Regina Y Hicks and the great Wanda Sykes, currently streaming on Netflix with 10 episodes which are 28 minutes long.

The Upshaws
Netflix's The Upshaws Review: A messy family 4

The story is about a black family, the Upshaws. A little weird, dramatic, loving but a whole lot of messy. The plot revolves around the life of Bennie Upshaw (Mike Epps) and his family, his wife Regina Upshaw (played by Kim Fields) and their three kids Bernard, Aaliyah and Maya. Regina’s sister Lucretia (Wanda Sykes) stays near their house and always looks out for their family. Well, it may seem she is harsh on them, but in reality, she actually cares a lot about them.

Bennie is a mechanic and owns a garage, while his wife Regina works at the hospital and tries to earn more money for the family by getting an MBA.

As the story will unfold, the audience will get to know that Bennie had a girlfriend, Tasha (Gabrielle Denis), while he and Regina were “on a break” (Does it ring any bell?). Apparently, Tasha and Bennie have a kid, Kelvin, who is about Aaliyah’s age.

So, this much is the plot, but you need to watch this TV series to know what happens in the episodes. It has talked about serious topics in a very light way. I have been a Friends lover for years, and sitcoms are just my thing. I can binge them on any time, anywhere. So, I will recommend this one to all of you to give it a watch.

The Upshaws: is it worth streaming?

The story is about a working middle-class Black family who deals with every kind of thing. Be it trading with gangsters, or paying bills for their kids, sticking up for the family, standing against outsiders. And the end of the series, you will realise what matters is the family. However, there’ll be an interesting link up at the end that will give the second season (ssh.. no spoilers here).

The Upshaws
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The show has comic timing, emotional bonds, societal issues like talking about queer relationships, having ‘ghetto twins’, being friends with white people. The show may not have much action, but it has a message. It’s just like a regular family, but only with many messy loopholes.

The actors of the series have done a marvellous job. Be it Mike as dumb but loving Bennie or Kim as smart and caring, Regina, along with the kids have done a great job in keeping the show alive. And can you ever say anything about Wanda? She is just the most sarcastic and greatest sister one can ever have. The creators have done a very tricky job in giving a modern twist to the age-old story as a sitcom.

The Upshaws
Netflix's The Upshaws Review: A messy family 6

Why you might want to skip it?

Well, the story’s plot and formula might seem to be all-known as a sitcom, but the characterisation is different, and the way of acting deserves mention.

So, I would recommend this for a watch.

The Upshaws is now streaming on Netflix.

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'The Upshaws' is about a Black working family but just not the regular one you can think of.


  1. Sadly show started great but by the 2nd episode the show talks about scamming a restaurant owner/manager into getting free food (put something in the food, then yelling and making a scene until the manager says leave and you don’t have to pay). Gets political for absolutely no reason (comment was unnecessary in that moment of the show. Just a jab to just say it) Unfortunately a stereotypical show about minorities and showing them in the worst light. Blah, same old stuff. 1st episode showed promise and 2nd went downhill fast……..Save your time and watch a better show for the family (We were hoping this would be a good family show) but same ol nonsense……Hard Pass

  2. Why is there a laugh track after every line? It insults the intelligence of the audience. The show is stupid and a waste of time. Skip it.

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