Netflix’s The Trip Review: Bloodbath On A Murderous Getaway

The Trip on Netflix is a Norwegian thriller that looks promising but, delivers below expectations. The film revolves around a couple who are eager to end their marriage, be it even by murdering one another until they are confronted with bigger threats in the isolation of a cabin in the woods. Directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Nick Ball, John Niven, Tommy Wirkola, the film is an action thriller starring Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie in the lead roles. It has a runtime of approximately 1 hour 53 minutes with subtitles and audio available both in English as well as Norwegian.

– Netflix’s The Trip Review does not contain spoilers (Trigger Warning: Violence, Bloodshed, Torture, Rape) –

The Trip: A Barbaric Vacation

A couple’s getaway to a cabin amidst the luxury of a forest- sounds romantic right? But well, Netflix’s The Trip is anything but that. Lars and Lisa have been married to each other for some time now- Lisa is terribly failing in her acting career, whereas Lars has had no luck directing soap operas. However, that is not all as both the spouses are so traumatized by the marriage they are in that they plan to have their shot and kill their respective partner during this trip away.

But, where the film takes a detour is when it introduces three maniac characters, prisoners who have escaped and taken shelter in Lars and Lisa’s cabin. The trio and the couple come face to face after a point of time and thus sets the thriller rolling in no exact direction. The film takes a juvenile turn with blood and gore taking place after every five minutes and even though the premise is promising with flashbacks that tie all the events in place, the film sometimes seems utterly tasteless.

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The film promises a good direction in regards to the plot and yes, it almost seems like a slasher movie towards the end. However, our killers are inexperienced and the fights are underchoreographed which does not help the film’s case.

The Trip: The Cast Shines

It is ironic that the character of Noomi Rapace, who is an actress in the movie is someone whose acting skills are quietly demeaned and taunted in the film. But, it is in fact Noomie Rapace’s Lisa who shines beautifully in the film. She balances the turbulent and rocky relationship with her husband Lars with the crack of survival required when you are outnumbered by murderers.

Aksel Hennie as Lars is the loathsome yet the husband you can count on, eventually. Dave is played by Christian Rubeck, Roy by Andre Eriksen and Petter is Atle Antonsen, who are all funny and psychotic playing the prisoners on the loose.

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The Trip: Final Verdict

The Trip tries hard to please the audience with psychological torture, bloodshed, spilling guts and poop during its two-hour runtime. But, it delivers a half baked story with a wicked end that can probably be an alternate Gone Girl ending we don’t actually want. With impeccable performances, the film still lags behind for there have been quite some movies with the same premise that have done a better job.

Meanwhile, if you are still interested in check out the film you can watch The Trip now streaming on Netflix.

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The Trip is Netflix's new Norwegian thriller filled with bloodshed and gore.

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