Netflix’s The King’s Affection Makes a Big Record With Its Ratings, Read On

K-drama fans do not hold it back when it comes to showing love to their favourite series and this time Netflix’s The King’s Affection is on the list! Starring Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Byung-chan, Bae Yoon-kyung, and Jung Chae-yeon, this South Korean romantic drama is continuing to make big records, in relation to its ratings. Created by Ki Min-soo and Hong Seok-gu (KBS Drama division), the series is based on Yeonmo by Lee So-young. The director for the show is Song Hyun-wook.

One of the prime reasons why viewers have grown to love this drama is because of the sweet and thrilling premise which tells the story of a set of twins born during the Joseon Dynasty and considered an ominous sign which leads the Crown to kill the daughter born but, is secretly saved. Years later, the daughter returns to the Kingdom when her brother dies only to be raised as him and fight the battles to stay with the mother.

As exciting and dramatic as the premise sounds, it shows how the audience is loving it! According to reports by Nielsen Korea, the November 22 broadcast of The King’s Affection gained an average nationwide viewership rating of 10 per cent. This comes as a 1.2 per cent jump in ratings as the previous one was 8.8 per cent. The series also sets a personal record for itself as it is the first time that The King’s Affection has received double-digit ratings.

Check out the trailer for The King’s Affection below:

You can watch The King’s Affection now on Netflix. The series airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 (KST). Meanwhile, to read our review on the ongoing K-drama, click here.

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