Netflix’s The King’s Affection Episode 2 Recap: Rebirth

The King’s Affection is a Korean drama-romance TV series directed by Hyun Wook Song, based on Lee So-young’s comic titled Yeonmo. The series has 20 episodes and stars Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Byung-chan, and Bae Yoon-kyung, alongside other cast members. The King’s Affection episode 2 is 70 minutes long.

Netflix describes the series as:

When the crown prince is killed, his twin sister assumes the throne while trying to keep her identity and affection for her first love a royal secret.

– The King’s Affection episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

After the tearful death of Yi-hwi, his mother is left heartbroken and inconsolable. However, she thinks that it is her daughter and is left speechless when she realizes that her son was shot. On the other hand, Dam-i, as Yi-hwi, is being questioned by her grandfather – why is the Prince out at that time of the day? However, with some quick thinking, she is able to get out of a tricky situation.

Meanwhile, Ji-un is waiting for Dam-i at the bridge but is left heartbroken when she does not arrive. Dam-i tries to tell Bok-dong that she would’ve come back after giving Ji-un her dice, but he insists on telling Yi-hwi about her escape act, without knowing that he is already dead. That reality changes quickly though when she walks into the Prince’s room to find her mother who tells her that from now on, she’s the Prince.

the king's affection episode 2

Ji-un tries to give Dam-i a letter through one of her friends, but the latter lets her know that she has disappeared. This breaks his heart and when his father, too, refuses to help he is left absolutely disheartened. On the other hand, in The King’s Affection episode 2, Dam-i is unable to eat anything after getting to know that the truth about herself and her family. Her mother tells her to eat even if she does not want to because if anyone gets to know, everyone around her dies. Reluctantly, she agrees.

Thus starts her training to fill the shoes of her brother. In a funny court scene, we see the Royal family being like any other family. Well, maybe a bit more uptight than others, but it’s a small heartwarming scene. Poor Dam-i is tired of following the age-old customs and traditions of the family which dictates her to be cold and distant from all around her. She tells her mother that she does not want to live a life like this but her mother warns her that this is the only way she will be a Prince and she will be able to survive.

The next day in The King’s Affection episode 2, Dam-i tries to stab Prince Jaeun, Yi-hwi’s cousin, with an arrow after he tries to talk to her. Bok-dong tells her subtly who he is and she apologises for going too far with her “prank”. When she asks him why he’s there, he says that her birthday (or, the Prince’s) is around the corner and thus he’s there to know what she’d like.

On her birthday, in The King’s Affection episode 2, Dam-i is congratulated by everyone and Bok-dong helps her to understand who is who. When it’s turn for Ki-jae to wish, the mere sight of him makes Dam-i nervous and scared and she becomes sick later on from the anxiety and the weight of what she is doing.

However, she breaks down when she sees Ji-un, who has come to also wish the Prince on his birthday. Ji-un tells her that she heard from a girl he knows that he’s a benevolent and kind prince who is not authoritative and thus wanted to wish him personally. As Dam-i cries, Ji-un continues to tell her that he wishes to work beside him one day. He further informs him that he is going to Ming to study to be a good subject that he will be proud of. Before he leaves, Dam-i gives him her dice and tearfully and silently bids him goodbye.

Meanwhile, I-wol asks Seok-jo if he had seen Dam-i after the festival the other day since she is nowhere to be found. He says that he hasn’t and then takes her to a secluded area in order to kill her. Ji-un tries to stop his father but is horrified when he kills her.

the king's affection episode 2

That night, in The King’s Affection episode 2, Dam-i is nowhere to be found and the palace is in a frenzy. Dam-i witnessed the murder of her friend and is thus inconsolable. However, she comes out of hiding and Lady Kim reminds her that everything that has happened isn’t her fault. She later talks to her mother alone, who comforts her daughter and tells her to use her anger or resentment or any feeling to live.

However, in the next scene, we see her mother in bed looking sickly and apologizing for making Dam-i’s life more difficult than it needed to be. It is clear that she is dying and the scene is heartbreaking because she is such a good character. After telling her husband to protect their child, she dies, leaving everyone crying and inconsolable.

10 years later, Dam-i now commands respect and is fearful. She isn’t the little girl who cried all the time. Ji-un, too, has grown up quite a lot and is now a physician who gets clients from far and wide. During a hunting session, the dynamics within the royal family is also made abundantly clear and we also get to know quite well what she is up against in the episodes to come.

The King’s Affection episode 2: Thoughts

the king's affection episode 2

The King’s Affection episode 2 is full of exciting adventures and secrets with every moment Dam-i stays inside the palace being scary for her and the audience. I am interested to know how her character will grow and evolve but considering an adult Dam-i has just come face to face with Ji-un, it’s going to also be interesting to see how she juggles her duty and promise to her mother and her feelings for Ji-un.

In spite of all of this though, there’s just something missing from the series that might just be made up later on. I think it’s the charm of the characters and their chemistry that I find severely lacking. Either way, the next episodes will make it apparent what we can expect from the series.

The series, however, killed off Dam-i’s mother without much fanfare and her character ended just being a character motivation for others. Although she should’ve been a very important character, she was reduced to nothing, with her being killed off all of a sudden and without any prior notice of a health scare or anything.

The King’s Affection is streaming on Netflix.

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The King's Affection episode 2 brings us an adult Dam-i and Ji-un. What lies in wait for the star-crossed lovers?

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Netflix’s The King’s Affection Episode 2 Recap: RebirthThe King's Affection episode 2 brings us an adult Dam-i and Ji-un. What lies in wait for the star-crossed lovers?