Netflix’s The King’s Affection Episode 13 Recap: Royal Affair

The King’s Affection is a Korean drama-romance TV series directed by Hyun Wook Song, based on Lee So-young’s comic titled Yeonmo. The series has 20 episodes and stars Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Byung-chan, and Bae Yoon-kyung, alongside other cast members. The King’s Affection episode 13 is 64 minutes long.

Netflix describes the series as:

When the crown prince is killed, his twin sister assumes the throne while trying to keep her identity and affection for her first love a royal secret.

– The King’s Affection episode 13 recap contains major spoilers –

Starting from last week’s episode, Yi-hwi finally tells Je-hui her real identity – in the most dramatic way possible in The King’s Affection episode 13. He is obviously shocked at the revelation and seems like is at a loss for words. Meanwhile, Ki-jae is shocked to learn that Yi-hwi has disappeared. He is also told that Hyeong-seol is in custody and that Seok-jo is trying to find him.

Meanwhile, things are clearly a bit awkward between Ji-un and Yi-hwi, with the former obviously questioning everything in life. As nighttime rolls around and Seok-jo and his men get awfully close to finding the two, Yi-hwi decides to stay close to Ji-un. She asks him whether he resents her for deceiving him and he says that he is, but at himself, since he wasn’t there for her when she needed him the most. She tells him everything that she had to do to survive after her brother’s death, however, Ji-un asks her to rest instead.

He further tells her nothing has changed between them, at least from his side since she is still the same person to him. This pleases Yi-hwi and Ji-un then hugs her. Meanwhile, Ki-jae has given Hyejong’s most trusted person the responsibility of murdering him. However, before that can go down, Ga-on asks Hyejong why he saved him from Seok-jo. They discuss various things, including Ga-on’s father which seems to have an effect on Ga-on.

However, that discussion is cut short when the aide comes in and Ga-on spies from the shadows. He witnesses the king drinking his herbal tonic and just as he is about to leave, Hyejong tells him where his father is buried. Outside, he hears everyone screaming and realises that the king is dead. You’d think when he dies you’d be relieved, but the last few episodes have really brought forth a new face of the king and I am sad to see him go so soon.

Unaware of all of this, Ji-un wakes up to find Yi-hwi sleeping in his arms in The King’s Affection episode 13. He asks her whether she is feeling better and promises to be by her side forever to keep her so. Yi-hwi tells him that if he stays by her, he will have to live the life of a fugitive and in the shadows. However, he tells her that that’s exactly what he wants and proceeds to tell her the life he has envisioned for them. It’s a sweet fairytale, a welcome break from the shitshow that I am guessing is going to rain down on them and us in the rest of the runtime.

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Jaeun saves Hyeong-seol and the two rush to find Yi-hwi. On the other hand, Seok-jo and his men have come across Yi-hwi’s hideout, but they are nowhere to be found. In the village now, Yi-hwi can finally live her life as a woman and enjoy more feminine things, although that has to wait for a bit. In the forest, the two factions of the army try their level best to get their hands on the prince.

Yi-hwi discusses with Ji-un in The King’s Affection episode 13 that it doesn’t feel real to her that she’s finally getting to live her life. Once again in men’s clothes, she says that it feels like she’s in the right clothes now that she’s out of the dress. Remembering that he forgot to buy her something, Ji-un rushes off, leaving Yi-hwi to eat, but she is promptly abducted by Ki-jae’s men.

On the other hand, at the safe house, Hyeong-seol finds the place surrounded and Lady Kim and Bok-dong imprisoned. Meeting Soek-jo, Yi-hwi gets the news that King Hyejong has died. The news of his death spreads throughout and reaches Ji-un as well. At the palace, in The King’s Affection episode 13, there’s talks of the king being poisoned and the need for a successor. Ki-jae gets there just in time, with Yi-hwi in tow.

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Later, Changcheon implores Queen Dowager to arrest Ki-jae and Yi-hwi to be arrested. However, she is not sure about that since arresting someone for paying respect to their father is not ethical. That’s when Ki-jae comes in and tells Queen Dowager that they need to make a decision regarding the next successor to the throne. He says that if Yi-hwi does not ascend, then the crown would be handed over to those who have committed treason. As Ki-jae fills Dowager’s head with concerns and false theories, Dowager is forced to make a decision.

Following this, the Queen, Jehyeon and Changcheon are arrested for killing Hyejong. Such a shocking moment for everyone, considering the one who is doing the arresting is the one who actually murdered the king. Anyway, Ki-jae informs Yi-hwi that he is to become the king and threatens to murder everyone she loves.

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Without many options, Yi-hwi is asked to be taken to the royal quarters but on the way meets Jaeun. After fighting the guards, Ki-jae tells Jaeun that this is the last time he will forgive a royal relative and then proceeds to have his guards take him away. Meanwhile, Ji-un gets to know in The King’s Affection episode 13 that Yi-hwi is going to have his coronation soon. Ji-un rushes off to meet Yi-hwi.

The next day, in The King’s Affection episode 13, Yi-hwi agrees to become the king to Ki-jae but instead asks him to protect Jehyeon and everyone she loves. Coming out, she finds Ji-un fighting the guards and finally comes face-to-face with him. During a tearful reunion, Yi-hwi apologises to Ji-un and he tells her that it’s not too late to live their dreams. However, she turns his offer down and he tearfully asks her to let him tend to her wound.

The King’s Affection episode 13 ends with Yi-hwi’s coronation and her heading the morning assembly after becoming king.

Final Thoughts: The King’s Affection episode 13

The King’s Affection has become a treat to watch for me. The series, although was absolutely mediocre a few episodes in has picked up its pace and how! This episode runs at the pace of light and goes from romantic to seriously in a matter of minutes. There’s politics and conspiracy and lots of mushy romance to break everyone’s hearts. That last moment shared by Ji-un and Yi-hwi before she is captured is dancing in my heart. Totally a worthy scene considering where the episode went after that. This episode has truly stolen my heart.

The King’s Affection is streaming on Netflix.

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The King's Affection episode 13 is a lovely episode that has it all, but it's the romance and the emotions that got me.

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Netflix’s The King’s Affection Episode 13 Recap: Royal AffairThe King's Affection episode 13 is a lovely episode that has it all, but it's the romance and the emotions that got me.