Netflix’s The Irregulars Review: Not Your Regular Sherlock Holmes Tale

After creating a lot of buzz since the trailer released, The Irregulars finally released on Netflix on Friday. Tom Bidwell is the creator of the web show that stars Thaddea Graham, Jojo Macari, Darci Shaw, McKell David, Harrison Osterfield, Royce Pierreson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes. There are 8 long episodes of at least an hour’s duration. So is the series worth watching? Read our review to know the same.

Set during the era of Victorian London, The Irregulars is a supernatural thriller where not Sherlock Holmes, but a group of teenagers solve crimes. The series is focused on a group of teenagers living on the streets namely Bea (Thaddea Graham), Jessie (Darci Shaw), Billy (Jojo Macari) and Spike (McKell David). They are also joined by Leo or Leopold (Harrison Osterfield) who belongs to a royal family. However, Bea and her friends are not aware of his real identity.

Every night, Jessie gets horrifying nightmares and asks her sister Bea if she is acting crazy like their late mom. It is because of these visions Jessie finds out that she has a superpower. The life of these teenagers changes when Dr John Watson (Royce Pierreson) assigns them cases to solve. These are not regular crime cases that we have seen Sherlock and John solving. There’s a horror element in every case we see in the series.

The irregulars review
A still from The Irregulars

While each case is unconventional, all of them are connected to one unknown and terrifying power called the RIP. As John Watson would often say in the show ‘something dark has come to London’. So you have to wait till the end to know what exactly is happening. Every episode is directed by different directors and that indeed helped in making them appear distinctive. The show is not as scary as the background voice in the trailer warned us. But it’s intriguing and exquisite.

Actor Henry Lloyd-Hughes is portraying the 221B Baker Street detective and he is nothing like the Sherlock Holmes we have seen so far. Henry’s Sherlock makes no entry until we are halfway into the series. When he finally makes an entry, it is nothing like I had expected. Sherlock in The Irregulars doesn’t wear black or speak super fast. He has long hair, is in love and emotionally expressive and wears colourful clothes too.

The irregulars
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes

The young cast also does a splendid job with their performance. Thaddea Graham as Bea has a stiff walk and is fierce, but is a romantic softie on the inside. Darci Shaw as Jessie does a commendable job as a girl who is scared of everything to finally accepting who she is. Actors Jojo Macari, McKell David and Harrison Osterfield played their part well. Royce Pierreson gives a new side to Dr Watson. He’s not expressive but is stoic and mysterious.

The Irregulars: Is it worth it?

Overall, The Irregulars is not your regular Sherlock Holmes tales. The first thing that makes it different is the paranormal element. The performances are amazing and the story is riveting. But if you are expecting the Netflix series to frighten you, well that’s not going to happen. However, the twists and turns are fascinating.

The Irregulars is currently streaming on Netflix.

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The Irregulars is not your regular Sherlock Holmes tales and consists of a riveting and different storyline. However, the scare factor? Not so much.

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