Netflix’s The Greatest Average American Review: Anything But Average

Among the vast range of content that’s releasing on Netflix this year, there’s also something funny in store for the audience. This week, the audience will get to enjoy the stand-up show by Nate Bargatze called The Greatest Average American. The show is an hour long. So is it worth watching or average enough to skip? Read our detailed review.

If there’s anything we need during these tough times, it some fun and feel-good content. Last year, many shows and stand-up special shoots were cancelled because the entertainment industry had come to a standstill for months. From September, shootings resumed with necessary precautions. Similarly, Nate’s show was filmed when things were just getting back to normal amid the pandemic.

In this one hour special of The Greatest Average American, Nate Bargatze talks/jokes about many things, mainly about his life. He starts with pandemic experiences and how people around him reacted when the news of COVID-19 first started making headlines. It is funny because when you watch it, you realise it was not just him and his friends. That’s the story of most people around us.

Due to the pandemic, Nate’s stand-up show was filmed outdoors. So it is but natural that he has to give a comedic touch to even that experience. Especially when the helicopter noises kept disrupting the shoot. It must have been a thrilling experience not just for the comedian but also for his audience.

the greatest average american
The Greatest Average American still

In his special, Nate Bargatze talks about how awkward it is when people check our body temperatures when we go out. I totally agree. There have been instances when the person checked my temperature outside a restaurant or at a mall entrance and I had no clue where to look or what to say for those few seconds.

More stories that made it to Nate’s special include how he is clueless in life in general. He talks about having no clue how to live life without his mobile phone, without shopping, and how he didn’t know how to get his homework right as a kid and still fails at it as a dad when it comes to helping his daughter. What makes the special watchable is how his anecdotes seem relatable AF to us.

I think the title The Greatest Average American means how life is about an average person in America. They have no idea about many things in life and are just living their lives as it doesn’t create a difference. The more you dive into it, you ask yourself – isn’t it even me? Am I also that average human but not an American?

The Greatest Average American: Is it worth it?

Overall, The Greatest Average American is a hilarious watch. You will enjoy the jokes even if not all of them will make you laugh out loud. You will have a good time listening to Nate Bargatze showing himself as someone who is close to useless while tickling your funnybones. So just give that 1 hour of your weekend to enjoy some quality lighthearted content.

The Greatest Average American is currently streaming on Netflix.

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The Greatest Average American is a hilarious watch, especially because it is strikingly relatable.
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