Netflix’s The Fastest Season 1 Review: Passion And Adrenaline

Netflix’s first Arabic reality show, The Fastest is a race lover’s delight! With contestants all across the world, this reality TV show by Cutting Edge and Child Genius producer-director Lucy Leveugle is unscripted, showing us real-time emotions and expressions. It is narrated by Saudi actor and comedian Tarek Al-Harbi and features real-life contestants taking part. The series is six episodes long with the runtime of the longest episode being 45 minutes and the shortest being 30 minutes. Audio and subtitles are available in English for this show.

– Netflix’s The Fastest Season 1 Review does not contain spoilers –

The Fastest Season 1: May The Fastest Win!

No one is unknown to the love Arab holds for cars and speed and this series is a perfect representation of their wild obsession. The show hosts racers from the KSA, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon and Syria all motivated by their craze and passion for race track driving. The race tracks range from racing tracks created at uncalled for locations (like Al International Airport) to dusty streets to windy desserts- well, almost like a real-life recreation of the Asphalt video game series. However, the catch of all these racing events does not just amount to adrenaline but, the title of “The Fastest” and prize money of 50,000 dollars (in cash).

By the first episode, we are introduced to our first set of racers, which includes both drift and drag car individuals- Ali Maksheed, Ahmed Abdul Raheem Sarhan, Abdul Aziz Al Yeish, Cynthia-Anne Lyane. As we are introduced to them, there is a snippet of their story shared with us to help us connect to the reason and drive that brings the racers to these dangerous tracks and estimate given on their past experience who the audience can lean on.

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But for a competition to function there need to be knockouts and, to keep the audience engaged new faces are introduced as wild cards in the show. After every race, the weakest and slowest, which is basically the person that finishes last is eliminated from the competition. And that all these include a lot of drama and scary accidents (of course) and a few accusations that don’t land very well on everyone’s couch.

The racers are tasked with challenges such as a drifting challenge on the Marina Circuit, Slalom Challenge in Caterham (a bonus edge/immunity is offered to the person who finishes first in this particular race), a dune buggy challenge and a final race track for the top three to find out who’s the fastest one out of the lot. With fierce challenges and crushing competition, the series takes us through 6 episodes dedicated to beautiful supercars and racers who strive to tune, develop and perfect their game to win the title and take home the cash they have rightly won.

The Fastest Season 1: Final Verdict

This Arabic series that revolves around racing is a delight for people who love the drama and dust of reality TV but, also look for something fast and driven in the shows apart from the planning and plotting. The cars are gorgeous and it is hard to take your eyes off them at times and focus on who is still in the competition and who isn’t. As this is a show about racing, there are ample aerial shots that are honey to your eyes (it is some thrilling cinematography, honestly).

You can watch The Fastest Season 1, now streaming on Netflix.

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The Fastest Season 1 is Netflix's first Arabic reality TV show and revolves around unscripted drag racing.

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