Netflix’s The Big Day Collection 2 Review: High Horses Indeed

The Big Day: Collection 2 premiered on 7th April 2021 on Netflix. Directed by Ashish Sawhay, Faraz Arif Ansari, Raonak Hathiramani, and Aakriti Mehta. The series is written/conceptualized by Nikita Deshpande and Aurea D’Souza with editing by Manvir Jasratia and Geeta Singh, sound by Baylon Fonseca, and cinematography by Pratik Deora, Amal Sudhakaran, Siddhi Patel, Kaushik Sinha, Sheldon Ian Healy, Tuhin Mukherjee, Shefali Jamwal, Siddhi Patel, Shailesh Naik, Debashis Dalai, and Adhiraj Singh. 

“Time-honored customs marry with contemporary values — and of course, couture outfits — in this celebration of six more larger-than-life Indian weddings.”

The 6 Couples

The Big Day Collection 2 Episode 1 revolves around two interracial couples Irina and Dhruv & Nisha and Scott. We get to see the couple get married in India and Connecticut respectively.

Episode 2 revolves around the idea of finding true love and fairytale in arranged marriages and features Prerna and Kunwar & Divya and Sreejan as they get arranged and married.

Episode 3 revolves around destination weddings and talks about how traditional families feel during the same featuring Mounica and Nirnith, & Shrutika and Lakshya as they lavishly get married in different destinations with close friends and family.

The Big Day Collection 2
Netflix's The Big Day Collection 2 Review: High Horses Indeed 4

Why Are We Doing This Again?

It feels like it’s February 14th 2021 again. We are back in the same vicious circle of rich people who give zero heeds to reality. The Big Day Collection 2 brings back the same saga, this time with 3 different concepts – interracial marriage, arranged marriage, and destination weddings and I just have one question – Why are we doing this again?

The Big Day Collection 2 has the same issues as the first instalment of the show, the show never exactly dives into the Indian culture and just stays on the safe and rich side of the waters. The problem is mainly in the show’s approach as it tries to throw light on Indian culture through weddings and through people who barely know anything about it and are probably proud of it. The show gets worse with every passing episode with zero regrets whatsoever. You have money? Great. But can we just for once stop rubbing that on people’s faces?

There are some moments in the series that made me cringe and angry at the same. I’ll try to pick a few moments and mention them here and try my best to not script down the entire series. In episode 2, which is mainly about arranged marriage, one of the brides says that there is nothing wrong with an arranged marriage and it is a part of our tradition and we should embrace and accept it! Seriously? Are we really going to ignore how many people have been scarred and traumatised because of arranged marriages and how regressive the custom is?

The Big Day Collection 2
Netflix's The Big Day Collection 2 Review: High Horses Indeed 5

Then there is another bride in episode 3 who had the shallow audacity to say and I quote “In the last 2 years, I have only attended destination wedding and if anyone says that they are getting married in Mumbai, I don’t even feel like attending it!” Huh? Sis what? Do you think everyone has the privilege to arrange a destination wedding? Is the world that easy for you? And I am as disappointed as I sound. I don’t understand, firstly, why Netflix decided that the show needed a second collection and secondly, why does money make these people blind? What is the bubble it traps them in?

And the same bride says that you need to Instagram everything that happens because it’s like if you did not gram it, it never happened! Talk about being privileged!

I am in no way salty about the matches in The Big Day Collection 2, I wish them all the love and happiness but nothing justifies this. It might explain it but never does it justify the same. These couples need to understand that progressiveness is not in modernising as soon as you leave the country, it’s a bigger issue. The rich here try so hard to act relevant with their first world problems and designer clothing that it almost gives you the feeling of schadenfreude.

And yes, The Big Day Collection 2 has groomzillas instead of bridezillas and guess what? Nobody found that obsessive but rather it was a good thing. Freakin’ hypocrites.

Stream It or Skip It

The Big Day Collection 2
Netflix's The Big Day Collection 2 Review: High Horses Indeed 6

SKIP IT! The Big Day Collection 2 should not even be your guilty pleasure. There is so much that is questionable about the series and so much that needs to be corrected but who will do that when you have money? While we have no objections to the holy matrimony, we have a problem with how Indian culture is made all lavish with little to no connection to reality. But if you wish to watch 6 rich couples going apeshit, this is your show!

The question The Big Day Collection 2 leaves me with is that for how long will they live in this rich protective bubble while India burns and people suffer every day? Update yourself about struggles and the current state of affairs rather than these rich people’s affairs.

The Big Day Collection 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Big Day Collection 2 brings back 6 other rich couple who are equally privileged and blind as the other and its just too shiny

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