Netflix’s The Barrier Episode 7 Review: More Exciting Things Over the Horizon

The Barrier or La Valla is a Spanish-language TV series created by Daniel Ecija and starring Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, Eleonora Wexler, Abel Folk, Angela Molina. The series is produced by Atresmedia with Good Mood Productions. The Barrier episode 7 is directed by Oriol Ferrer.

The Barrier episode 7 review

The Barrier episode 7 has a lot going for it.

To start off with the excitement right after episode 6, Alvaro predicts his own death, and of course, Luis and his family are devastated. However, Alma doesn’t seem to be fazed by his husband’s loss. She goes to meet the President and get her plans into motion, but afterwards has a tiny tiff with the Commander. Is this going to prompt him to do something dangerous?

On the other hand, Luis doesn’t have much time to grieve his friend’s death. He has to fulfil his promise, which brings him to a shocking discovery. Of course, Hugo gets embroiled in the mess, and then his whole family becomes a part of the plan. There’s an assassination attempt in which Carlos is a part of, but the family seems to be safe as of yet.

Julia is on the verge of discovering Alma’s terrible secret. After what happens to Sergio and Marta, they’re tired the entire day and Julia nurses them back to health. While doing that though, a curious discovery and a scary video make her wonder if there’s more to be found than they’re seeing.

The Barrier episode 7
Netflix’s The Barrier Episode 7 Review: More Exciting Things Over the Horizon 2

I think Carlos might have a very fascinating arc in as the story progresses. We are continuously getting more of him as we near the end and his awkward position between what he has to do and what he must do is quite interesting.

I am also confused as to what Alma’s intentions are regarding her husband. Does she want Luis to die or does she actually love him? It’s still hard to tell, and her knowing that there are people out to take his life might bring emotions forth. She’s still the most interesting character here though, and I’m excited to see some backstory with her.

It would be interesting to know how Luis will react after knowing the truth regarding Alma, because that’s going to be extremely off-putting for him. Luis is a good guy and honestly such a good character and I’m interested to know how that’ll play out.

The Barrier episode 7 is streaming on Netflix.

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The Barrier episode 7 kicks off with some important plot developments and secrets and promises to arrive with more action.

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