Netflix’s The Barrier Episode 6 Review: Marta in Danger?

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The Barrier or La Valla is a Spanish-language TV series created by Daniel Ecija and starring Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, Eleonora Wexler, Abel Folk, Angela Molina. The series is produced by Atresmedia in collaboration with Good Mood Productions.

The Barrier episode 6 review:

The Barrier episode 6 is probably the slowest episode till now, but has a few emotional moments.

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After the break-in in the last episode, Hugo is on high alert. And he thus decides to take Marta along with him. Although Marta and Sergio become fast friends, Hugo has to leave her at Alma’s house after she falls asleep. However, does that bode well for the little one? As we find out, not really. The whole matter is horrifying, to say the least.

On the other hand, Julia goes to visit Carlos’s blind mother. She’s in a bad shape after his “death” and thus she decides to help her out, Hugo is tow. At one point however, he comes face-to-face with Carlos which pretty much guarantees an emotional meeting.

The Barrier episode 6
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Alex and Emilia get an unexpected visitor and that spells trouble for them. They get a visit from the police courtesy Begona, who destroy their property and steal from them. However, their guests are successfully hidden from everyone. This, however, gives a small insight into Emilia’s past life. We know that she was a part of something bigger, and in The Barrier episode 6, we see a small part of her past life.

Luis, during Alma’s celebratory party, gets to know of a horrible government conspiracy. Although it is insinuated that Alma might be involved, and hundreds of lives are at stake, Luis refuses to believe it. However, with Alma’s growing powers, trouble seems to be just on the horizon.

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The sneak peek proves as much, with Alma signing a deal with the President. Something horrible is going to happen, and Alma’s calm demeanour is quite scary to witness. She is great at keeping appearances, and there’s something truly scary in her eyes.

The Barrier episode 6

As I said previously, The Barrier episode 6 is a slow episode. There’s not a lot of action and the pacing is quite slow as well. There’s a lot of information that is dumped on the viewers for the upcoming episodes. There are a few heart-touching moments of genuine emotions, but apart from that, it’s quite slow-paced. It’s not boring per se but is also definitely not action-packed. There isn’t a moment that will make you wait with bated breath.

However, that scene of Alma with Sergio and Marta in The Barrier episode 6 is quite horrifying and I hope Luis gets to know the truth, although the sneak-peek does not seem promising. Luis is such a good character, and I hope they don’t kill him off. Daniela also deserves some shout out in that respect – she recognises her privilege and genuinely wants to help those in need.

Next week’s episode will hopefully have some more action and the story will progress more, at least, that’s what the sneak peek says!

The Barrier episode 6 is streaming on Netflix.

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The Barrier episode 6 is slower than the rest, but consists of a lot of information and exposition, getting us ready for the upcoming episodes.
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