Netflix’s The Barrier Episode 12 Recap: A Daring Speech

The Barrier or La Valla is a Spanish-language TV series created by Daniel Ecija and starring Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, Eleonora Wexler, Abel Folk, Angela Molina. The series is produced by Atresmedia with Good Mood Productions. The Barrier episode 12 is directed by Lucas Gil.

The Barrier episode 12 recap:

Second to last episode of The Barrier and I am absolutely on-edge as to what lies ahead for Julia and her family. I know this seems a little out of place, but let me tell you, The Barrier episode 12 is absolutely an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Just when I thought I would lose my hope for Luis, he proves that he is one of the few people that we can truly count on. Fooling everyone around him, he keeps his own life on the line to remind the people about freedom and the power of revolution while also telling them the truth about what the government is planning to do. At first, it feels like there’s no hope in the situation, however, that man has a heart of gold, and I am glad to get a character that I can truly root for.

The Barrier episode 12

Alma’s situation, however, will be precarious here. Since her husband will now be seen as a traitor, what will she do? Will she be imprisoned? She is angry about her husband going behind her back to make that announcement, but then she was all for abducting children and using them as guinea pigs. The sneak peek of the next episode shows the husband and wife reconcile. So, is there something more sinister at play? Will she be backstabbing our favourite character?

On the other hand, Emilia has truly stopped giving any and all craps about the people around her. So, not only does she beat the daylights out of Begona and flip her off like a badass, she calls Luis a traitor and some other choice words for not doing anything about Marta. Her anger at the situation is palpable, and she doesn’t shy away from telling people exactly what’s on her mind.

Julia and Hugo take Alejo hostage in order to find Marta, but that backfires with Enrique finding them and arresting her. Alejo discovers that there’s something very unique about Julia’s blood, and although it isn’t clearly specified what’s going on, we get the hint that it’s got something to do with those shots that Julia and Sara got in episode 1. Had their father invented the vaccine long ago? What is this all about?

  • The Barrier episode 12
  • The Barrier episode 12

Fernando, on the other hand, makes a shocking discovery. Does this mean that he’ll go against Enrique and the government as well? We also get to see the start of the revolution in The Barrier episode 12 that will, definitely, play into the last episode. However, what will the government do to stop this?

Manuela makes a shocking recovery, thanks to Julia. It will definitely play into the narrative somehow or the other, and with Ivan, Luis and Daniela on the run, how will all of them meet each other? There are many questions left unanswered in The Barrier episode 12. Let’s hope the season ties up well next week.

The Barrier episode 12 is streaming on Netflix.

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The Barrier episode 12 is an edge-of-your-seat thriller, with Luis urging for revolution and Emilia slapping almost everyone.


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