Netflix’s The Barrier Episode 10 Recap: The Virus is Here

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The Barrier or La Valla is a Spanish-language TV series created by Daniel Ecija and starring Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, Eleonora Wexler, Abel Folk, Angela Molina. The series is produced by Atresmedia with Good Mood Productions. The Barrier episode 10 is directed by Oriol Ferrer.

The Barrier episode 10 recap

Things really have started to fall apart in The Barrier episode 10. With three more episodes to go, I can’t really blame it though. There’s are an infection and an uprising on the horizon and I can’t wait to see how our keys characters react to these new developments.

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So, The Barrier episode 10 starts off with Manuela in deep shit. And I’m not even kidding with this, considering a man throws up on her in the bus and then promptly dies. Obviously, the virus has crossed the barrier and is out to get everyone. Shaken, Manuela goes to her employer’s house, where people finally get to know that she’s pregnant, including the clueless Ivan. I liked how Ivan’s character immediately sobered up and assumed responsibility though. I really want to see him be more responsible and caring, which he probably is capable of doing. However, things don’t seem too bright for the lovers, and a hasty escape is all they can manage.

The Barrier episode 10

On the other hand, the death of Sergio’s parents has really shaken Hugo and Julia. They understandably feel responsible for it and you can’t help but feel bad, considering the moment before the two died in the last episode. This is a horrible time to be alive for anyone, and honestly, is too scary to be true. While he decides to go to their funeral, Luis in tow, Julia has other problems to worry about.

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The Commander has been rounding up the two people on the bus who escaped. Everything is a mess and Alma’s neighbours are taken into quarantine. When Ivan tells his mother of Manuela’s situation though, it’s a shitshow. No longer do we see Alma’s cool and composed exterior and love for her son – she is visibly angry… or is that fear we see? The vaccine isn’t ready, everyone is dying and her son might just be infected.

  • The Barrier episode 10
  • The Barrier episode 10

In other news, Emilia and Alex are planning a full-on revolution with the parents of all the lost children. There’s a passionate scene where Marta talks about all the children, Fernando and Luis in attendance, and it’s a horrible and, later on, a hopeful thing to listen to.

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The next episode promises to be as high on the adrenaline as this one. With shit (quite literally) hitting the fan.

The Barrier episode 10 is streaming on Netflix.

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The Barrier episode 10 is full of action, with several things happening at the same time. What will our key characters do?
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