Netflix’s Tall Girl 2 is Rolling: Let’s Take a Trip Back to Where it All Started

Tall Girl is a teen rom-com movie streaming on Netflix, whose sequel has just started to roll, and I cannot keep calm. Honestly, I am a big rom-com fan and I literally binge watch every rom-com series or movie.

Ava Michelle, the lead of the movie, took to her Instagram account to announce the good news to her fans. In the short clip, we could see all the star cast getting ready for their new season to begin. Ava gives a sassy caption to the video. She wrote, “SOOOO excited to finally announce that we are currently in production for TALL GIRL 2 !!!!!!! so incredibly grateful. Let’s do this thaaangg”.

Tall Girl, directed by Nzingha Stewart, stars Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter, and Paris Berelc and the story revolves around a tall girl, ‘Jodi’ (Ava’s) life. So let’s look back at what happened so far in the film.

Tall Girl

Well, the story goes somehow like this… it’s all very romantic until you, my girl, have a humongous height in respect of other girls of your age. Neither any pretty dress fits you, nor a good guy comes up to love the real you.

Jodi is a sixteen-year-old girl with 6 ft 1 and a half-inch tall. She has a sister Harper (played by Sabrina Carpenter), who is just perfect with her cute height, good looks and amazing personality. On the other hand, Jodi gets cut from everywhere: love life, social life, or family dinners.

When everything goes wrong in her life, a perfect tall guy walks through the door, and that is Stig Mohlin (Luke Eisner), a foreign exchange student. Jodi immediately feels connected to him, though she knew nothing was going to happen there.

As the story unfolds, Jodi gets to know herself; she loves to play the piano. And in the process, Jodi and Stig came closer. On the other hand, Jodi’s friend Jack Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), a short guy who used to like Jodi, could never convince her because he never made it to Jodi’s boyfriend’s checklist.

Things move forward; Jodi and Stig kiss each other even if Stig was Kimmy, and things get scattered. In the climax, we see Jodi giving a big speech about accepting herself and that she is really great at the piano and can take bullies as compliments.

And in the end, Jodi realises who really loves her and accepts herself as she is, and that was Jack, not Stig. So, the film ends with Jodi and Jack being together. So, you might be thinking about what will come next? What’s gonna happen? Will they have their happily ever after?

Tall Girl

Well, for now, we do not know the plot but what we know is that season 2 is already rolling, and for that, we cannot wait. The shooting has started in New Orleans. Though many of us were not satisfied with the ending but let’s see how the director helms the 2nd season.

Tall Girl, the original movie, is still streaming on Netflix.

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