Netflix’s Stuck Together Review: Hilarious Medley of 7 families in a Crisis

For those who can’t tell from the title, Stuck Together is a Parisian comedy. As light as the movie’s tone, it’s a refreshing take on the havoc wreaked during the pandemic. The families are all from different walks of life, and each of them has its problems to deal with. Some are more equipped to handle a crisis than others.

Stuck Together Review does not contain any spoilers

Stuck Together has an Incredible Ensemble Cast

The movie stars several recognizable faces from French cinema. The film is a cute allegory for what life has been like since the pandemic. Director Dany Boon has done an outstanding job collecting a fantastic ensemble cast to bring this story to life. Some of the actors listed include Yvan Attal, François Damiens, Laurence Arné, Liliane Rovère, Elie Semoun, and Jorge Calvo.

There are some newbies, too, who hold their ground well in the face of industry veterans.

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Netflix's Stuck Together Review: Hilarious Medley of 7 families in a Crisis 5

Interestingly enough, some of the cast members play characters who you’re not always going to agree with. While most of the characters’ flaws are reasonable given their circumstances, it’s not always easy watching them. They have many different ideologies and values.

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A Pandemic Ensues and Stuck Together Gets a New Meaning

One of the best things about Stuck Together is that it doesn’t shy away from showing that they don’t always get along even though they may be neighbours or friends. The movie is interested in how people’s perceptions of one another change with a crisis and how people grow apart with the strain of being stuck together for so long. The cast can show off a wide range of emotions, from joy to sadness to anger and back again. They also have great chemistry with one another, which makes them feel like they have been stuck in this situation together for a long time before the movie even opened up.

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Despite the pandemic, the characters never lost hope. They had to make some sacrifices along the way, like putting their lives on hold, but they learned some valuable lessons about themselves and each other. If the virus had never happened, they would’ve never understood these things.

The characters were scared but not hopeless. We all go through times where we feel like we’re up against it, but there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel, even in the worst situations.

Revealed: Stuck Together is a Portrayal of Diverse Emotions

This movie showed us how different our reactions could be when we are afraid. It also showed us how important it is to have someone there to help you through your crisis when no one else is around.

What does it take for a group of diverse people to come together and overcome their differences?

Stuck Together was a delightful movie. Even though it’s about a deadly virus, the storyline has many ups and downs, making it enjoyable to watch. When you have kids watching these types of movies, it’s great to have something they can watch that will make them laugh and entertain them.

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Netflix's Stuck Together Review: Hilarious Medley of 7 families in a Crisis 7

This movie is funny because these people have to deal with something no one would ever want to deal with. But they all face it like adults and remain positive even though they know there’s a good chance they’ll never get out of the building alive. The acting in this movie is pretty good for what it is, and you’ll enjoy seeing how some people step up when others start falling apart.

There’s plenty of action and humour throughout the movie, and you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. You’ll see how some people deal with it better than others and get a glimpse at how some people don’t think things through before taking actions that could wind up getting them killed.

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Humour at its Peak- Stuck Together is Parisian Comedy at its best

For the most part, Stuck Together is a comedy, but it does offer some action. Some of the characters are understandably upset at the lockdown and try to find ways out; others see it as an opportunity to advance their agendas.

The performances are a bit hit-or-miss, but overall, they’re pretty solid. The chemistry between the group is also excellent, with each character having a distinct personality and sense of humour.

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Netflix's Stuck Together Review: Hilarious Medley of 7 families in a Crisis 8

The real story is the group of strangers and their interactions, and Netflix does an excellent job of making it feel like you’re watching a movie with an ensemble cast.

Stream It or Skip It?

The idea of dealing with this catastrophe by staying in your own home is intriguing, though. After all, there are some situations where you have to hunker down and ride it out, no matter how bad things get.

But then again, I don’t think that’s really what Stuck Together is about. It’s more of a character study. How people react to this situation is what makes this movie interesting. Do they band together or tear each other apart?

We are all connected by the same things. It’s not always easy to see how, but it is true. Our differences don’t make us more extreme; they make us more similar.

Stuck Together is streaming on Netflix.

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For those who can't tell from the title, "Stuck Together" is a Parisian comedy. As light as the movie's tone, it's a refreshing take on the havoc wreaked during the pandemic.

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