Netflix’s Spycraft Review: Spy Shenanigans

Spycraft is a non-fiction documentary TV series with eight episodes, each about half-an-hour long.

If action, adventure, espionage, sabotage and everything dangerous and mysterious are what catches your fancy, then Spycraft is the show for you. Filled with action, mystery and (one episode filled with) sex, this series is an intriguing piece of non-fiction that will keep you at the edge of your seat. From femme Fatales to bullets containing listening devices, the series will give you an in-depth explanation into everything spy-related and it will also make you wonder about the dangerous lives that some people live.

Spycraft is a documentary series that meshes pictures, old videos and re-enactments really well. Although a bulk of the show is heavily reliant on re-enactments, the documentary balances it out with old footage and pictures decently. It’s amazing to see once-famous spies who were too good to be apprehended… until they were. The show also talks about the spies who were not caught and live on due to the dangerous operations that they undertook.

With stories from all over the world, but focusing more on Russia and the US, Spycraft is a treat. It talks about things that you probably would never even dream of. First of all, it’s amazing how some people can come up with the things that are used by James Bong-esque people to infiltrate enemy lines. Secondly, it’s mind-blowing to see said James Bond-esque people risk death to get information and help their country.

Spycraft also heavily depends on the interviews with professionals who have been part of this world for decades. Their expertise and commentaries on these various covert things are what gives an edge to the show. The show also throws light on the fact that how rapidly things are changing in the world. Covert operations have literally gone through an upheaval in the last decade or two and this show points that out brilliantly.

Netflix’s Spycraft Review: Spy Shenanigans 2

The show has a topic that will intrigue everyone. From surveillance, assassination using poisoning and covert communication, Spycraft breaks down each and every topic and provides a clear definition of them, along with filling the episodes to the brim with the stories of those who were a victim of them. Spying is hard and no one knows it better than the people mentioned in this series. Bonus: if you’re wondering what it takes to become the perfect spy, you’ll find that out here.

Assassinations are rampant in this world and you’d be amazed and scared for your life and safety after you see how vulnerable we are and how far technology has advanced. There’s literally nothing called privacy, safety or security in this world and if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, you might just end up dead. The clever ways in which intelligence bureaus set up surveillance, follow people around or pass information is also an absolutely fascinating watch.

Summing up: Spycraft

Spycraft is an absolutely thrilling and interesting watch that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Information is relayed interestingly and there’s not a lot of places when you will feel bored. Watching ambassadors getting in a pickle to famous spies being apprehended is an absolute rollercoaster ride and this show makes sure you’re having fun while watching it.

The narrator also does a good job at taking us through the different cases and at no point does it seem rushed or forced. Spycraft opens up your mind and thoughts to a world that not a lot might imagine exists just beneath our society.

Spycraft is streaming on Netflix.

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Spycraft is an intriguing series about espionage and everything spy-related that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

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