Netflix’s Skater Girl Review: Dream Big to Achieve Big

Netflix dropped an Indian-American sports drama Skater Girl directed by Manjari Makijani that runs for 1 hour 49 minutes. It may not have a great star cast but the story plot will surely do the trick.

People say if you dream big, you can achieve big, so never stop dreaming. Skater Girl is a story about dreamers and a young teen girl who dreams on wheels.

Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a film about a young teen girl Prerna from the village Khempur situated in Udaipur. The movie opens with a scene where a girl is giving her brother a ride on a bearing car (as they call it made of wood) to his school. That scene gives a view of the village and it also dwells onto villagers’ characters.

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One day, a foreigner named Jessica (Amy Maghera) comes to that rural village all way from London to search for a few answers about her own father who was from that village. There she meets Prerna (played by Rachel Saanchita Gupta) and a few other kids who become very interested in skateboarding after meeting Jessica’s friend Erick (played by Jonathan Readwin).

Eventually, they all learn skating but that comes with many dangerous bends. How will Jessica be able to keep the kids skating in that village with all the obstacles and restrictions? Will Prerna be able to chase her dream to become a skater, becomes a great question. Slowly and steadily Prerna’s life changes and to know how you should definitely give it a watch.

Why should you watch Skater Girl?

The director has really tried to show the rustic world of rural India and how kids can dream to become something if somebody puts trust in themselves. It’s a bilingual film in Hindi and English. The young kids have done a great job in acting.

You will feel what they were feeling while skateboarding, those little moments. I am a cry baby and I cry when my favourite character cries or dies, so this movie also made my eyes swell. This film has a beautiful emotional touch. It also shows a sweet love story brewing between Prerna and Subodh (who is from a high-Brahmin class). Waheeda Rehman has a cameo role in it as Maharani of Rajasthan.

Skater Girl

Skater Girl: ‘The-could-have-been-better’ part

While watching the movie you might feel like the story is known to you and eventually, you will be able to predict what’s going to happen next. For me, these moments kill the momentum of watching something.

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The film touches a little bit of casteism and inequality between girls and boys but the director didn’t cook it properly. The story could have explored on that note but, well, it didn’t. What I felt is that the movie could have been wrapped up a tad bit earlier than it is now. I also felt that there was a lack in building up characters other than Prerna.

But, all in all, it’s a feel-good movie and good for a one-time watch for sure! It will definitely warm your heart while watching it.

Skater Girl is currently streaming on Netflix.




Skater Girl is a story that will inspire you to dream big but doesn't go beyond some cliches.
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