Single’s Inferno (2021) Review: Stranded Romantics

Single’s Inferno is a Korean reality TV show currently available on Netflix collaborating with JTBC. Two fresh episodes will release every Saturday as the couples locked in each other’s gaze wait in anticipation for the fire to be lit in their hearts.

Contestants left to find romance in Single’s Inferno

Single’s Inferno has a unique twist with many dating reality shows. It is a dating reality game show that will follow 20 contestants – 10 men and ten women. All participants will stay on an isolated island under the surveillance of cameras, catching their every bit of emotions. The only way out is as couples for romantic date nights!

Single's Inferno (2021) Review: Stranded Romantics

Contestants are not allowed to leave the island without a date, but how can they get one when even a single day on the island makes them fall into awkward situations? Moreover, the island rules state that all contestants must remain in pairs to avoid trouble.

What could go wrong? How can you expect a group of young singles pushed into an island to find themselves a soul mate without getting into awkward situations and falling in love with someone other than their partner?

Will Single’s Inferno lead to romantic involvement?

Single’s Inferno is a reality show that will push the boundaries of dating by enticing the contestants to act and feel in ways they usually wouldn’t. It’s essentially a game show, with all the drama and intrigue that comes with it.

The premise of Single’s Inferno is that 20 single contestants will be placed on an island where they will all be vying for one another in hopes of finding their perfect match.

Single's Inferno (2021) Review: Stranded Romantics

The men and women are completely unaware of each other’s existence, making this a dating game unlike any other. Rumour has it that some contestants have already been chosen for the show, making it fun to watch.

The cast members have not been revealed; however, there is no doubt that the show will feature people from various walks of life. They could be young professionals, experienced singles or even celebrities.

It also stands to reason that some might already have someone special in their lives but are willing to play the game for the sake of television ratings and entertainment purposes.

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What is Single’s Inferno all about- Drama or Romance?

This show is not just about romance. It also has a slice of real drama and is a little bit of comedy! Although it never states that there is always drama in any reality show on the website. The title says it all.

The contestants are all single and searching for love. They are women and men who come from different backgrounds and different lifestyles. Some may be looking for love in all the wrong places, while others may be looking for their true match with the right person. Love can be found anywhere, but the question is whether they will find it or not?

Single's Inferno (2021) Review: Stranded Romantics

Relationships are not always a walk in the park, but with this show, if you have the patience to stick through the whole thing, you might get to see genuine love blossom in front of your eyes.

You will get to watch them go through different stages of relationships, including first dates, break-ups, and even heartbreak! It all depends on what they can bring out of each other.

It is supposed to be comparable to The Bachelor sans the romance; instead, they will focus more on the game aspect of things. There has been an influx of dating game shows in recent years, with international dating being quite popular across the board.

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Stream It or Skip It?

After watching it, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this series and will be looking forward to watching it again in the future!

First off, I love how this show brings together so many different people from all walks of life. It gives you insight into what it is like to date in today’s world and how hard it can be to find that special someone.

Single’s Inferno is streaming on Netflix.

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Single's Inferno does some things new and some old. But whatever it shows, it's quite an interesting watch.

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Single's Inferno (2021) Review: Stranded RomanticsSingle's Inferno does some things new and some old. But whatever it shows, it's quite an interesting watch.