Netflix’s Sing On! Spain Review: Sing Karaoke Win Money!

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Sing On! Spain is about karaoke fun. Though I have never taken part in them much, I love the concept of karaoke. If you love watching karaoke then you will find this show to be fairly enjoyable. The show is about participants who come together to sing karaoke and compete against each other to win the prize money.

Fellow participants are asked to vote out other participants after a round of singing and that is how a participant is eliminated. This is a fairly new concept that Netflix has encouraged which is all about the karaoke culture. Participants are voted out on the basis of how well the singer sings but most often you’ll see that the participants are being voted out because they are a stiff competition to the other participants. 

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It is not very entertaining, and to be honest, I have not enjoyed watching all the episodes. It is boring because the concept keeps repeating for each episode and you are not going to get something new or exciting as the show progresses. There are a total of 8 episodes and they are fairly long. The performances are not bad. However, they are not professionals, but as karaoke singers from all walks of life, they do a pretty decent job.

Sing On! Spain is the second edition of this franchise which initially got launched in Germany. Each episode in Sing On! Spain is based on different themes so perhaps that is one of the only new things that each episode has to offer to the viewers. The whole mechanism to judge the participants based on their vocals is pretty uncomplicated – there is a voice analysis system that judges the performances. 

There’s good money involved! 

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There is good money that a participant can make if they win because based it on the voice analysis, the percentage of the notes that the participants have got right will be determined. Depending on that analysis, the money that will be put in each round is determined. It seems a little difficult to understand at first, but it will seem simple once you have watched a round of it.

The participants who have been eliminated are invited to hang out in the second level by enjoying the show and singing along in the audience. There is bonus money involved, 500 euros and 1000 euros for participants that hit the “golden note”.

Might not feel very entertaining throughout… 

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The concept remains the same so there is not much to look forward to. It is purely for fun and doesn’t feel very competitive (which is, honestly, kind of healthy). I personally feel that if you want to really enjoy Sing On! Spain, then you must watch the show on a big screen, not on your mobile phones, tablets or laptops for that matter.

The host of the show does a decent job and is quite energetic. The songs that are played in the karaoke are also popular so you can sing along if you wish to. However, the voting system is not perfect and has its flaws but you can look past it. 

The voice analysis system might be… erm… biased! 

The voice analysis system on Sing On! Spain is seen to be favouring male voices more so it could be that it is programmed to pick up on male voices more than female voices. Why I say this is because even if the song has been originally sung by a female it would choose a male participant’s voice over a female’s. 

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Summing up, you could give Sing On! Spain a shot – take out a few chilled beers and get the party started! It might not be very big on the entertainment bit but it surely offers you fun if you are up for it. Apart from a faulty voting system and voice analysis, Sing On! Spain is fun and enjoyable. We have a winner at the end who grabs almost 20,000 euros and is deserving of it so we don’t have too many complaints either.

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Sing On! Spain is a karaoke show where participants compete against each other by singing karaoke and winning money. It is enjoyable but passable!

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