Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Review: A Bizarre Dating Show

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Netflix has released Sexy Beasts season 1 which is an unusual twist on dating shows. The show follows the typical formula of a dating show where one person meets their potential dates and they go out together until they are eliminated. However, Sexy Beasts season 1 has tweaked that formula by adding prosthetic make on the participants. From animals to birds and from beasts to fairies and whatnot, the show has all kinds of disguises. The first episode begins with Emma who is dressed up as a demon. She meets with three dates, Archie The Stone Man, Bennett The Mandrill, and Adam The Mouse.

Unlike the rest of the shows, Sexy Beasts season 1 also has unique date plans for couples. Ice sculpting, amusement parks and pellet shooting are a few of the many other unusual date locations on the show. Emma goes on dates with each man. The idea behind this is that the couples bond and match through their personality rather than face value. It is interesting to see such a take on those dating shows but is exactly what you would expect it to be.

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A Catastrophe For a Show

As it continues, the dates continue as well. Sexy Beasts season 1 also includes funny narration that compliments whatever is happening. The narration is done by the American comedian, Rob Delaney. The show takes place in the UK in the Sexy Beast Manor. As each couple goes on a date, they are eliminated one by one. In the show, it is called a ‘ditching ceremony’. It was surprising to see the reaction of those who get eliminated. Whenever a person is eliminated they have to show their face to others and can take a look at the face of the date.

Sexy Beasts season 1 Emma the demon

At times the Sexy Beasts season 1 feels ridiculous. The participants focus too much on getting to know how the other person looks which defeats the purpose. The intense makeup only covers the face and not the rest of the body. In one of the episodes of Sexy Beasts season 1, one candidate dressed up as a beaver remarks on the woman’s body. A lot of times, both the chooser and the candidate hope for their partner to be “good-looking” or “handsome” or “sexy”.

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Not Worth The Watch

In the same episode of Sexy Beasts season 1, when a pixie asks the same beaver what will he do if she gains 300 pounds, his responses will make you irk. It also takes away the show’s frivolity. There are times when the show will only feel watchable due to the narration. However, it will be unfair to not mention how good the prosthetics are. Every little detail of the face has been kept in thought. It also makes us wonder how the person looks like in real.

Sexy Beasts season 1 wolf

Sexy Beasts season 1 is truly a bizarre show with bizarre things happening. The Sexy Beast manor is just a weird place to be at. The name has ruined that beautiful manor forever. You will be shocked with the capacity of attention you can give to a show that is as ridiculous as Sexy Beast season 1.

When the participants are not in disguise, they wear spectacular clothes and put on makeup and accessories. It is nice to see some people cheering on when a face is revealed but some candidates have possibly the worst reaction. The creators of Sexy Beasts season 1 might have a good idea in hand, but when it comes to execution, it has clearly failed. Ultimately, the purpose of not judging someone by their looks defeated and attention-seeking came out.

You can watch Sexy Beasts season 1 on Netflix.

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Sexy Beasts season 1 is truly a bizarre show with bizarre things happening. But, somewhere down the line, it loses its way.

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Sexy Beasts season 1 is truly a bizarre show with bizarre things happening. But, somewhere down the line, it loses its way.Netflix's Sexy Beasts Review: A Bizarre Dating Show