Netflix’s Sex/Life Season 1 Review: Steamy and Engaging Series

Netflix’s new steamy drama series Sex/Life season 1, starring Sarah Shahi, is a show with sensational sex and a story that will keep you engaged and enraged at the same time. Created by Stacy Rukeyser, Sex/Life depicts the stagnant life of a housewife, Billie, played by Sarah Shahi, living in Connecticut with her husband Cooper, played by Mike Vogel, and their two kids.

What is one of the best things about the recent shows created by the streaming giant? It is the production value. Like the rest of the Netflix originals, Sex/Life season 1 also has great visuals and colors, along with a binge-worthy storyline. Sex/Life starts with portraying Billie’s boring life routine. From waking up till going to sleep, all she does is to be a mom. She drops out of her Ph.D. course and the romance between Cooper and Billie dies.

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A Personal Apocalypse

Filled with doubt about her current life, Billie longs for excitement, passion, and desire. She fantasizes about her life with her exes, especially one particular ex-boyfriend Brad, played by Adam Demos. Sex/Life shows you the conflict between many diabolic thoughts such as stability, love, and monogamy.

Sex/Life season one Cooper and Billie

Billie writes down her thoughts in a journal which Cooper reads. It is a wrong thing to do and it is not the only time you will see Cooper invading his wife’s privacy. As the story continues, a lot of things happen. Billie meats Brad, Brad has sex with Billie’s best friend, Cooper tries to revive the desire, and as he fails to, he flirts with his co-worker. Amongst all this drama, there is a lot of hot sex and nudity in Sex/Life season 1.

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Team Cooper or Team Brad

While the story unfolds, you will either side with Brad or Cooper. You might also find yourself siding with neither or both in some situations. Both had their demons, which kept popping up from time to time. Even Billie did many questionable things like watching her best friend Sasha having sex without her knowing. Sex/Life will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. You will feel angry at the decisions the characters take and at the same time associate with them.

Sex/Life season one Brad and Billie

This makes Sex/Life a spectacular show which you can watch in one go. All the time when Billie messes up, Sasha supports her. She gives Billie advice you would want to hear if you were in Billie’s place. It doesn’t matter if you are either on Brad or Cooper’s side, you will always love Sasha. She is undeniably one of the best characters in the Sex/Life.

Sex/Life season 1 has amazing use of colors, symbolism, and euphemism. The soundtrack has a few incredible songs which point out the story. Though, in the starting episodes of Sex/Life, the story might seem a little cliched. Netflix is slowly churning out such sexual dramas. But as the show continues, you will find yourself enjoying every minute of it.

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Stream it or Skip it?

As you reach the end of the Sex/Life season 1, instead of a happy ending, which as Billie says does not exist, it leaves you with a cliff-hanger. Stacy Rukeyser, admitting about her crush on Bradley Cooper, named the two characters after him. You can also see the resemblance of the look and characteristics of the personality of Brad and Cooper to the many characters played by Bradley.

Sex/Life season one Sasha and Billie

Sex/Life season 1 explores the difficulties people face in their marriage. It marvelously tells us that it is not wrong to question your choices as that is what our lives are based on. If you are looking for a show that stimulates your thoughts and emotions while at the same time is extremely saucy, then you should watch Sex/Life.

You can watch Sex/Life season 1 on Netflix.

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Netflix's Sex/Life season one is a hot and steamy series on the mid-life crisis couples face while being married.

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Netflix's Sex/Life Season 1 Review: Steamy and Engaging SeriesNetflix's Sex/Life season one is a hot and steamy series on the mid-life crisis couples face while being married.