Netflix’s Seaspiracy Review: An Eye-Opener Exposing The Awful Reality Of Fishing Industry!

We often talk about the wicked world of the internet, the modelling and fashion industry, the corporate world, etc. But Seaspiracy on Netflix is here to show you something more to worry about. Director Ali Tabrizi, who worked on this documentary, is also the narrator. He tells us about the dirty secrets of marine/fishing market industries across Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Human beings are called social animals. We are better developed than any species around us. Yet, most of our inventions and lifestyle has proven as grave harm for ourselves. We have the gift of a beautiful planet with trees, oceans, mountains and a variety of animals, birds and other species. Yet, it is we who have made most of them extinct. We indeed are going to be the reason for our own doom one day!

I may have made some heavy claims above. But that will exactly be your thoughts when you watch Seaspiracy. A lot of people are fond of the oceans, marine life and love admiring fishes and corals. Narrator Ali Tabrizi is also one of them; highly inspired by Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough. Ali also wanted to explore the deep world of the sea, underwater life and document it. However, when he started, he was taken aback by learning the unpleasant reality.

Seaspiracy narrator Ali Tabrizi

As the name suggests, Seaspiracy features all the conspiracies that most of us are not aware of. The ones who are aware of the wrongdoings give a blind eye because they are getting benefitted out of it. Initially, Ali Tabrizi thinks that humans harm marine life because of the plastic and garbage they throw in the sea. It bothers Ali so much that he decides to donate to organisations that run programs to save sea life. He takes another bold step by going to beaches and cleaning up the dirt. However, with more research and learning, Ali learns that plastic materials, especially straws or cutleries aren’t even the biggest threat to aquatic life!

The first eye-opening fact we get to see in Seaspiracy is the dolphin drive hunt that takes place in Japan’s Taiji. Every year, at least thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji. With a lot of risks to his safety, Ali goes to the town and records everything that happens there. As he dives deep into the practice, he makes a lot of shocking discoveries.

In Seaspiracy, we get to know how awful the entire fishing commercial industry is! A lot of people, including me, enjoy fish but the cost we pay for it is not only the lives of these aquatic animals but humans too. Sharks, dolphins and whales are killed because they feed on these fishes that are sold in the markets. Can you imagine humans feel insecure about creatures who have all the rights to be in the sea? People argue that sharks kill humans. But Ali also shows us the statistics that every year, sharks kill at least 10 people. On the other hand, humans kill 11,000 to 30,000 sharks every hour.

Seaspiracy Review
A still from Seapiracy

The reason why marine life is in danger and may soon become obsolete is not plastic, but commercial fishing nets and other equipment. A lot of these materials are dumped in the sea that not only pollute the water bodies but harm everything under. From sea turtles to the coral reef, everything gets affected because humans eat fish! A lot of big brands sell fish products by mentioning they are ‘dolphin safe’ meaning no dolphins were killed to catch the fish; especially Tuna. Sadly, a lot of them are killed and even the brand owners were left speechless when Ali questioned this false claim.

Another appalling truth we learn is about the prawns’ industry. A lot of people in the world are relishing the prawn dishes at the cost of slavery. Fishing isn’t easy but catching crustaceans is tougher and more complicated. Hence, they have slaves to do the work. It’s 2021, but some men are treated inhumanly, tortured and even killed! The exposure will send shockwaves down your spine! Seaspiracy exposes some of these so-called NGOs and brands who claim to be in favour of marine life but can’t spread the message of telling people not to eat fish.

Seaspiracy Review documentary
A still from Seaspiracy

Seaspiracy features a lot of people who have been working honestly to save marine life. They talk about the abuse human beings are causing not only to sea life but also to themselves. They also address the question that many people often ask – Does a fish feel pain? Well, yeah, they do! They also help in maintaining the oxygen level in the atmosphere. So killing them at this rate is basically slow suicide for humans.

Seaspiracy: Is it worth it?

Overall, Ali Tabrizi’s documentary Seaspiracy is an eye-opener. It leaves you dumbfounded with every revelation. Whatever I have written in the review is just a gist. You need to watch the Netflix documentary to understand how corruption takes place in the fishing industry, the lies that are sold and the innocent lives that are killed to make money.

Seaspiracy is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Ali Tabrizi's documentary Seaspiracy is an eye-opener and leaves you dumbfounded with every revelation.
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