Netflix’s Searching for Sheela Trailer: Sheela the Terrible or Sheela the Charmer?

Netflix has dropped another trailer of a docuseries about Ma Anand Sheela produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions yesterday – Searching for Sheela.

Well, as the name suggests you might think is she kidnapped or is she lost? However, it is neither. Searching For Sheela is about finding the real self. As the trailer opens, it shows Sheela returning to India after 30 years, and the media and fans cannot keep calm as the news went viral like wildfire.

So, who is Ma Anand Sheela? How much do we know about her? Well, I have heard her name from my father, and he just bluntly said, “Oh, she is a very controversial character.” How did she become so controversial? Will this 58-minute long documentary be able to answer all of our queries? I hope it does.

The trailer gives a sneak peek into her life and how daring she was. As the trailer goes on, it tells a bit of her history. Ma Anand Sheela was the spokesperson of the Osho movement in the 80s, being the secretary of Bhagwan Shree Rajnesh.

The trailer even tells her journey in the US, where she pleaded guilty to attempted murder and fraud and how Bhagwan framed her as ‘the murderer’. So, who is the real Sheela? This is the only question that keeps coming back to my mind.

Searching For Sheela

The producer of the film, Karan Johar, shared the trailer with a caption,  “#searchingforsheela : You’ve seen her, you’ve heard her and you’ve definitely heard about her. Now she’s here to tell you her own story. #SearchingforSheela streaming from 22nd April, only on Netflix.” In the trailer, we would see Karan having a little chat with Sheela, where she says, “You know I have bigger scandals than show business people.”

In an interview with India Tv, Sheela said, “Searching for Sheela will give you a glimpse of my real self, my identity, my life and its evolution over the last 40 years. This film is about my journey of returning to my home in India, a journey I have longed for many years. It captures the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced on this journey very well. I am looking forward to sharing my story with the world.”

The documentary will tally her previous and present lives via flashbacks and will unfold how it has affected her, and how she dealt with it. At the end of the trailer, we will see her in an interview where she says, “To me, it doesn’t make a difference because I know who I am and what I am.” So then why this documentary now? Because people should see, know and hear the real Sheela’s story. As she says, it’s “Bhagwan’s history, not my history.”


Netflix has been bringing more real content than ever and Searching for Sheela will be one of the most realistic contents ever. On April 22, the docuseries will drop on Netflix and we cannot wait to know “Who is Sheela?”

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