Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 9 Recap: Wavering Without the Wind

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 9, titled Wavering Without the Wind, has a runtime of 69 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 9 recap contains major spoilers –

Just to remind the readers, in the last episode, Hui-ju and Woo-jae were making out with each other at his wedding with Hae-won.

Ok, so coming back to Reflection of You episode 9, Hae-won looks over Woo-jae’s vow book and realizes he hasn’t written down anything and a wave of realization washes over her. Meanwhile, Woo-jae rushes to catch Hui-ju and realizes that they might be seen by Jung-eun. For some reason, they run up a flight of stairs to hide from her, Hui-ju starts crying, Woo-jae asks her why they have to hide since they haven’t done anything wrong and then they just start making out. Excellent. All the while, his to-be wife is standing downstairs.

After that’s over, Hui-ju tells him to go back home and forget that he met her there. Woo-jae slumps down on the stairs looking distressed. Downstairs, everyone is waiting for Woo-jae to arrive and it’s an awkward wait since he seems to be quite late. He eventually does arrive though, and Hae-won smiles at him and extends her hand. Woo-jae has this “I don’t know what’s going on” look on his face.

reflection of you episode 9

As the two get married, Hui-ju rages down the road and drives recklessly while crying. As the two read their vows to each other, well, Woo-jae makes up his vows which seem to be based on his feelings for Hui-ju. I feel so sad for Hae-won. She’s just pushing herself towards heartbreak and sadness. Woo-jae doesn’t even seem like he’s interested in the wedding.

Meanwhile, Hui-ju wrecks her car in Reflection of You episode 9 and Dong-mi comes to her rescue. Hui-ju tells her that she went to Hae-won’s wedding and that she isn’t over Woo-jae yet. As Hyeon-seong calls her, she refuses to talk to him and Dong-mi makes up a lie to calm him.

At the after-party in Reflection of You episode 9, Woo-jae looks like he’s been forced to be there and marry Hae-won. Outside, he tries to call Hui-ju but she doesn’t pick up. That’s when Sun-woo comes out and talks to him. Woo-jae wonders why Hae-won rushed the whole thing and he says that she probably just wanted to be sure since it’s not love if it’s only one-sided. He asks him to go back inside since if he avoids this now then he’s a coward.

On the other hand, Dong-mi asks Hui-ju to forget that this happened and to not pay any attention to it. She also asks her to stay away from Woo-jae since she had previously mentioned how living with him was hell. Meanwhile, Woo-jae gets memory back after looking at Gwang-mo’s severed fingers.

That night, Hae-won asks Woo-jae why he didn’t vow to be with her till his last breath. He says that vow is a very heavy word and if she had given him more time, then he probably would’ve been better equipped for handling this. However, Hae-won promises to adhere by all of the vows that she made. The next day in Reflection of You episode 9, Hui-ju asks Hyeon-seong whether he went to the gallery last night. After he refutes the claims, Hui-ju is left to wonder why he’d lie to her.

The next day, Hui-ju gets to know from Sun-woo that Li-sa was there at the wedding too. This shocks her. Meanwhile, we see that Li-sa had indeed seen Hui-ju making out with Woo-jae. She had bumped into Sun-woo, but when the latter saw it, Hui-ju had left the scene already. At school, she breaks down in front of Ju-yeong.

Hui-ju accuses Hae-won of plotting something with Hyeon-seong and asks why she invited Li-sa. However, she says that she didn’t invite her and wonders why Hui-ju came to her instead of going directly to Li-sa. Is she afraid that Li-sa knows something that she’s not supposed to know? This leaves Hui-ju looking shaken and Hae-won asks her to ask Hyeon-seong.

Hae-won meets up with Hyeon-seong in Reflection of You episode 9 where they talk about the buildings that are supposed to be renovated and about Hui-ju going to Hae-won’s wedding. She says that it’s a shame that she didn’t meet her since it could’ve been interesting. If the groom had run away with another woman, then she would have been the saddest bride out there.

Although she says in no uncertain terms that there’s something going on/was going on between her and Woo-jae. She further adds that Hui-ju is interested to know the things that Hae-won knows. She presses the issues and says that Hui-ju probably doesn’t know the relationship between Hyeon-seong and Woo-jae and about Woo-jae’s accident. Hyeon-seong says that he did exactly what was asked of him since it was an accident but Hae-won refuses to believe him.

Hui-ju asks Hyeon-seong’s lawyer regarding Woo-jae’s accident and he tells her everything that they have (probably) rehearsed. Hui-ju, however, seems to believe him somewhat. Meanwhile, Hae-won and Hyeong-gi talk about Il-seong’s incarceration and he tries to blackmail her regarding Woo-jae’s hospital. However, Hae-won isn’t a little kid who can be easily intimidated.

Later, in Reflection of You episode 9, Hui-ju goes to meet Woo-jae and tells him that whatever happened was a mistake and an accident. However, Woo-jae refuses to accept that answer. But Hui-ju reminds him of Hae-won and her feelings. She tells him to not tell Hae-won anything since they were not having an affair and the truth can hurt her more. Plus, he has already abandoned Hae-won once; if he does it again, it can destroy Hae-won. Thus, it’d be best to forget that it ever happened. As Hui-ju leaves, Woo-jae thinks about what Hae-won had told her about him abandoning her.

That night in Reflection of You episode 9, Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong talk about Woo-jae and she thanks him for telling her the truth about all that happened. She also says that if he’d told her the truth before, she would never have accepted to work on the project with Woo-jae. However, they would not have to meet them again after the project gets over.

At the meeting with Hui-ju, Woo-jae, Hae-won and Jung-eun, the four discuss how to bring in more colours in Woo-jae’s pieces and make the most out of the building. Their conversation takes them to talk about models and Hae-won quips in saying that he generally does not use a model, especially female models. This makes Hui-ju suspicious and we get a flashback to when Woo-jae used her as a model in the past in order to shamelessly flirt with her.

It’s just such an awkward and cringy meeting where everyone just looks at everyone with doubts and distrust. After Hui-ju makes up an excuse to run away from the meeting, so does Woo-jae, leaving Hae-won alone. Unfortunately, the two ends up at the same place again while Hae-won tells Woo-jae to pick up her grandfather from the bus terminal.

Hae-won keeps calling Woo-jae, but it doesn’t go through. She tries calling her grandfather, unfortunately, it seems like he passed away while sitting at the bus terminal. It’s just such a sad and helpless situation for everyone around. Woo-jae, meanwhile, is being a total a-hole and trying to get it on with Hui-ju again. He asks her why she lied to him since he never hated her. Instead, he liked her.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 9

Man, Reflection of You episode 9 just made me angry and sad at the time. I just don’t understand Hui-ju. It’s like she wants to have her cake and eat it too. She won’t back away from Woo-jae, won’t call off the collaboration, won’t stay away from him in any way, but also will not end her marriage. She wants to make out sometimes but at other times wants to completely ignore Woo-jae. Meanwhile, I feel just so helpless for Hae-won. Poor thing just can’t catch a break. I am also quite annoyed that she doesn’t just let his good-for-nothing guy go and live her life. She’s too young to be after this one guy.

Or maybe, just maybe, there’s something deeper there that we are yet to know about. It’s amazing how Reflection of You has made me feel such polarizing feelings and I am extremely invested in what happens next.

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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  1. I truly wish that you would stop feeling sorry for Hae-Won. She is nasty and vindictive. Her so called love for Woo-Jae is destructive and obsessive. She does not have any loving feelings towards him-she just wants to have him and track him so that Hi-Ju does not get him. Hi-ju is torn and in pain, because of the life she is living. It is hard for her to leave that life-she has 2 children and what is she to do. She obviously cares about Woo-Jae and her life is complicated. Her feelings are all over the place. And she is being tortured Hae-Won. Please stop telling us how sorry you feel for Hae-Won. I just think it is too bad that she got herself into this situation by her possession of Woo-Jae! Just let go!
    Otherwise I am fascinated by this story and what is happening in these peoples ‘ lives.

    • I think we’re all allowed to have opinions about whom to feel bad for. But I get it. However, I don’t feel bad for Hui-ju because feeling bad for cheaters is not something I can do. I understand Hae-won’s vindictive feelings though. If I got to know that my husband has run away with my best friend, I’d be out for blood too. That being said, I think there are more things at play here than we know.

  2. I totaly agree Halina. Hi-Ju can’t just leave especially when mother in law constantly repeats divorce is not acceptable. Mother in Law forced her cheating husband in their marriage just like Hae-Won is doing. Maybe if circumstances where different Hi-Ju and Woo-Jae would be soul mates but, sadly it is not their time. I think every single character are conducting themselves exactly like their upbringing. For example, Hae-Won latching on to the wrong man just like her mom and thinking to herself that she is in control and won’t end up like her. Lisa’s afraid to end in a broken home just like her friend plus feeling lied to by her mom. I don’t know that’s what I think.

    • I agree. Upbringing and circumstances play a major role in this series. But since we don’t have the entire information just yet, it’s difficult to totally feel good or bad for someone. I am fascinated by everyone, but feel less sympathetic for Hui-ju. Even if someone is my soulmate, I still wouldn’t cheat on my husband. I understand divorcing can be difficult, but cheating is never acceptable.

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