Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 8 Recap: Us, Here Again

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 8, titled Us, Here Again, has a runtime of 72 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 8 recap contains major spoilers –

Reflection of You episode 8 starts “one day ago” at Li-sa’s dance competition that she has been practising for so long. Her parents look happy and proud, while Ju-yeong records the entire thing. However, tragedy strikes soon after, after she falls down and injures her foot. Later, her parents are unable to find her after she has disappeared from the green room. Going through her things, Hui-ju is shocked to find Woo-jae’s diary among her things.

Hui-ju goes through the diary and sees her scribblings over Woo-jae’s drawings and is left extremely scared. That is when she gets a call from Hyeon-seong wi tells her that Li-sa is with Ju-yeong and that she is safe.

Coming back to the ending of the last episode in Reflection of You episode 8, Hui-ju and Woo-jae are on the terrace soaking wet in the rain. In a voice, she says that although she thought that she got away from him, yet, she’s back at square one again. Meanwhile, Hae-won wakes up to find Woo-jae missing and is left a bit concerned, but chooses to go back to sleep. She checks his location on the map and texts Ju-yeong to do her a favour.

Hui-ju talks to Woo-jae and asks why he was there at the terrace – was this a coincidence as well? Woo-jae says that it probably wasn’t since he had a feeling that if he went there, maybe he’d meet her. Anyway, she clarifies that she doesn’t really care about him or Hae-won and that she only cares about herself.

Elsewhere, Hae-won gets a picture of Woo-jae and Hui-ju together at the café and is obviously left confused and scared. Hui-ju finds a secret phone in Hyeon-seong’s office and is confused regarding what her husband uses it for. However, he is quite transparent and tells her that it’s a work phone. However, both of them don’t trust each other at all.

Hae-won gets home in Reflection of You episode 8 and finds Woo-jae home already. She asks him not to leave without telling her, however, he says that he didn’t want to wake her. She remembers her grandfather telling her that there’s no point in holding on to him. Unfortunately, she sadly says that she can’t abandon him since she is the one who was abandoned.

It’s a little tense at Jung-eun’s office as Woo-jae and Hui-ju meet. They don’t talk to each other and Jung-eun plays referee. In a flashback, we see Hui-ju and Woo-jae in Ireland, the latter is holding Ho-su. Poor Woo-jae seems a bit overworked, with taking care of the baby and studying. The next morning, Hui-ju wakes up to find him sleeping with the open notebook and smiles at him.

Back in the present, in Reflection of You episode 8, the two, along with Jung-eun and Mr. Woo go off to explore someplace. Woo-jae, meanwhile, is following Hui-ju around and drawing her, again. It seems as though this crap does not end. The drama just gets better after Hae-won comes to pick the two up.

Hyeon-seong has a one-on-one with Il-sung which goes a bit off the rails. After the scuffle, Hae-won decides to take Ju-yeong home and Woo-jae volunteers to stay at the studio. He tries to call Hui-ju later and return her bag, but is unable to get a hold of her. Unfortunately, he finds his old diary and goes through it. The next thing you know, Woo-jae is standing at her door to personally give her the bag.

He tries to talk to her, but she just takes her things and leaves, leaving Woo-jae tearful. She goes back to her studio and burns the diary. Hyeon-seong watches the entire thing as well. When Woo-jae gets back to the studio, he finds Hae-won there. He lies and tells her that he left the bag at the maintenance desk and she notices that he seems really concerned about her.

She then hands her a marriage vow book and asks him to write his vows since they won’t need an officiant. When he asks for more time, she says that she has waited far too long for him – this time, he should listen to her.

The next day in Reflection of You episode 8, Hae-won meets Hyeon-seong and tells him to settle and let Il-sung out. After them blaming each other, Hae-won tells him that it’s a bad idea for him to corner those who have nowhere to go. In the meantime, Yeong-seon comes along and starts to cause a scene with Hae-won. She, of course, is not a doormat and talks back to her. Things escalate and Hui-ju comes in and slaps Hae-won. That’s also when Woo-jae comes in and he apologises to everyone and takes his wife away.

Hae-won is angry that Woo-jae didn’t take her side in Reflection of You episode 8. When he says that she wasn’t like this previously, she asks him what she was like since she doesn’t remember. Woo-jae has no answer to that. Meanwhile, Hui-ju is clearing the air with Yeong-seon.

Hui-ju and Hae-won meet again at the dress shop and she asks for her blessing for her marriage. However, Hui-ju is uninterested but Hae-won tells her to let go of her guilt and be unapologetic. Later on, Hae-won goes and tells Hyeon-seong that Hui-ju and Woo-jae and collaborating together. Hyeon-seong is infuriated at the further inspection of the matter and influences a magazine to criticise Woo-jae’s work.

After the meeting, Woo-jae runs outside to catch a cab, but when he is unable to do so, he asks for Hui-ju’s help to go to his studio. There was an accident, a minor one, and after that’s solved, the two sit down to talk. She talks about Chinese laquer trees and Woo-jae notes that she has a lovely voice when she is not angry. In a flashback, Hui-ju thinks back to the time when Woo-jae had called her beautiful.

As she’s about to leave, he thanks her for her words earlier since they comforted him and gave him strength. That night, Woo-jae figures out that Hae-won has been giving him extra medicines. Meanwhile, Hui-ju learns who Hyeon-seong has been calling from his international phone.

In a flashback, we see Woo-jae being taken to the hospital after his accident, with Hyeon-seong looking on horrified. Back in the present, in Reflection of You episode 8, Hui-ju tearfully looks at Hyeon-seong taking care of Ho-su. She drives to the lakeside and falls down sick on the bank.

The next day, it’s Woo-jae and Hae-won’s wedding. Woo-jae looks nothing short of breath-taking although Woo-jae is yet to write his marriage vows. He seems to be at a loss for what to write, although it’s already time for him to change his clothes. Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong are also there, although Hui-ju is standing at a good distance away.

Woo-jae, still wondering what to write, looks at his to-be wife and then finds Hui-ju. He rushes off to find her and the two start making out while Hae-won waits to marry him. Or maybe it’s all in Woo-jae’s head. Either way, it’s pretty bad.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 8

Reflection of You episode 8 marks the mid-point of this twisted story. We’ve had a pretty good run thus far and this episode, too, is just so twisted. Woo-jae seems to be a nice guy, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to turn out to be an absolute a-hole if he isn’t already. Hae-won, although acts like a horrible person, is the only one I truly feel bad for. And Hui-ju is a doormat who will do anything to live this cushy life. I wonder how far their lives are going to be upended at the end of this series.

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 8 is twisted in the most dramatic ways possible and gives us hope for an equally dramatic rest of the series.


  1. i do not feel sorry for Hae-Won. She is nasty and full of hate, because she says she loves Woo-Jae. Do you call that love?
    She stalks people, uses Li-Sa’s friend to give her information and tracks her husband. She always asks him where he has been. And giving him sedatives as extra medication–really this is not love but obsession and revenge.The actress does a good job portraying Hae-Won but this kind of woman really irks me. Hi-Ju is nervous and not happy, and I can understand why she is that way. She obviously had a difficult young life and now with 2 children, she has other problems to deal with.
    Hae-Won is doing everything to upset her.
    I am looking forward to learning about Hi-Ju’s and Woo-Jae’s past relationship and what happened between them. I am also very curious to learn about Hi-ju’s brother- the physiotherapist.
    All in all, there is a lot to look forward in this series- I am enjoying it and wait every week for the new episodes.I disagree with some of the comments made by people who have written reviews for past episodes.

    • Oh, I totally agree and don’t get me wrong, I am not saying what she’s doing is ok at all! however, Hui-ju is a cheater, while Hae-won has done nothing but suffer due to the two people she trusted the most in her life. But I totally get where you’re coming from. If anything, all of our thoughts might just be wrong if a twist like that comes up in the end haha.

  2. I just want Hae Won to move on so she can heal otherwise she will continue destroying herself aimlessly.
    Hui ju needs to be honest with herself because she does love Woo Jae also as much as she is trying to avoid it to protect her family but still taking abuse from her monster in law 😭, she will blow up eventually and it won’t be pretty.
    Buttt I definitely love all these twists even though my heart might not 😂

    • I am actually exactly where you are. Hae-won really needs to leave Woo-jae’s ass to the curb and move on. I don’t think she’s a bad character, at least her initial characterisations portrayed her to be a loving and warm person.
      When it comes to Hui-ju, I feel like she really needs to understand where she wants to be in love. I don’t think she’ll be happy with Woo-jae because their relationship is too unstable.

      BUT, let’s see where it goes. My heart breaks for Hae-won.

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 8 Recap: Us, Here AgainReflection of You episode 8 is twisted in the most dramatic ways possible and gives us hope for an equally dramatic rest of the series.