Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 6 Recap: That’s Not How Love Ends

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 6, titled That’s Not How Love Ends, has a runtime of 68 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 6 recap contains major spoilers –

We start off at Hui-ju’s exhibition in Reflection of You episode 6 where Hyeon-seong is frozen still in place after seeing Woo-jae. The former asks him whether they know each other, and Woo-jae informs him that it has become a habit for him to tell anyone he meets that he knows them since he has been forgetting a lot. Hyeon-seong finally heaves a sign of relief and shakes his hand. Hae-won then whisks him away to check out the exhibition.

Talking to Hae-won and the director of the exhibition studio, Hui-ju discusses about her exhibiton and that it never gets easy to showcase her work. She then tells her that she knows Hae-won, who had been her teacher. The director is pleasantly surprised and the two discuss Woo-jae’s work. The director mentions that she is not lowering the prices of his pieces since its his first batch.

reflection of you episode 6

Hui-ju quips in that money shouldn’t be something that artists think about. When the director leaves, Hae-won says that only those whose works sell well say such things. Hui-ju tells her to enjoy her time there, although she is not welcome. Hae-won says that she probably doesn’t want to know what she knows, in that case, which peaks Hui-ju’s interest.

After she leaves, Hae-won comes face-to-face with Hyeon-seong while Hui-ju watches on. However, their conversation is cut short when she asks them what they are doing alone on a stairwell. Meanwhile, Woo-jae is staring intently at the painting of the grass field. It seems like he remembers something or something that seems familiar since he looks back at Hui-ju before going home with Hae-won.

Woo-jae is unable to forget the painting even after he comes back home in Reflection of You episode 6. He tells Hae-won that he can hear sounds and that makes her concerned. Later, she mixes a sedative with his pills. Hui-ju, too, is unable to forget Woo-jae’s stare at the end. All of them seem to be really concerned with Woo-jae and Hae-won and vice versa.

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The next day in Reflection of You episode 6, Hui-ju learns that she has to take a question-answer session. Woo-jae is there, and he asks her about her grassland painting and whether she had based it on a particular place. Hui-ju is uncomfortable but chooses to lie and say that it’s based on her imagination. The answer bothers Woo-jae, who seems to be banking on her answer to get back a part of his past. But alas. As he sits down, Hae-won looks on.

Meanwhile, Yeong-seon is extremely angry that Hyeon-seong did not get rid of Hae-won. Instead, she tells him that his father used to go to his mistress even when he couldn’t walk. Thus, she won’t condone cheating in any way. However, he tells her that he won’t cheat on anyone.

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In a heated argument, she tells him to keep an eye on the gallery and the paintings in Reflection of You episode 6 . And then she tells him that Hui-ju clearly knows nothing about business since she went to the US to visit Li-sa and then stayed there and studied in Ireland for years. Ho-su was also born there… so that’s why he partnered up with that hospital in Ireland? Hyeon-seong just leaves.

He then goes to meet Min-seo and the constant questioning about Woo-jae makes her question who this person is and why Hyeon-seong is so interested in him. Meanwhile, Hui-ju goes to meet Dong-mi and Hae-won is also there. She aggressively asks her why she’s following her around. Hae-won says that she came here because Hui-ju had written in her book that she had come here when she wanted to overcome the thoughts of the tough days in Ireland. Hui-ju is a bit taken aback by this comment.

reflection of you episode 6

Hae-won then asks him both her and Woo-jae were in Ireland at the same time; so, were they together at any point at that time? Hui-ju however, shoots that thought down and says that she was too busy to meet anyone. She then asks her to leave her alone. However, when Hae-won brings up stuff from the past, Hui-ju doesn’t spare her and tells her that she had told her not to marry him so young and to not rely on him solely for happiness. However, she is still obsessed with him and that is the reason for her unhappiness and she has only herself to blame.

As she is about to leave, Hae-won tries to grab her and Hui-ju pushes her, making her fall a bit into the lake in Reflection of You episode 6. Hui-ju tries to help her up, but she pulls her into the lake, drenching her. Hae-won leaves saying that Hui-ju never had any respect for her.

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Later, at the hospital in Reflection of You episode 6, Hui-ju gets burnt by Yeong-seon when the latter tells her that she will take care of Ho-su during the break and breaks to her that her husband partnered up with the hospital where Ho-su was born. Hui-ju is shocked and goes to the washroom to find Hae-won and berates her for coming to their hospital for Woo-jae’s treatment. Hae-won doesn’t say much and just leaves, leaving Hui-ju overwhelmed.

At home, she asks Hyeon-seong why he hadn’t told her about Ireland in Reflection of You episode 6. However, he says that she never wanted to talk about Ireland and so he didn’t want to mention it. Moreover, she was so busy there, she had no time for anyone. Plus, she then got pregnant with Ho-su and raised him by herself. He tells her that he admires her for what she did. Hui-ju is clearly uncomfortable and asks him to stop. He says that this is why he doesn’t mention Ireland and then leaves. Hui-ju furiously drinks water afterwards.

Woo-jae and Hae-won go to meet the gallery director in Reflection of You episode 6 to discuss his purchased work. Woo-jae tells her that he only wants to sell to those who will keep it and the director gives him her word. After he leaves, the director asks Hae-won to work for her which catches her off-guard. In return, Hae-won asks her who bought his work. However, the director refuses to give up the name.

Downstairs, Woo-jae meets Li-sa and together they go through Hui-ju’s paintings in Reflection of You episode 6. Li-sa takes a picture of him and shows him the heath flower and asks him what it is. He tells her and she gets angry and leaves. No discussion or anything – just crumples up the flower and leaves.

The next day, Hui-ju gets an angry phone call from Yeong-seon who asks her why there is an artwork in her office. Concerned, she assures her that she will send someone to get it and calls the gallery who let her know that the address was changed. Just ask she’s about to ask more questions, she gets a text from Hae-won if she got the parcel and thanking her for buying it. Hui-ju is left fuming.

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She goes off to meet Hae-won, who apologises for mixing up the addresses in Reflection of You episode 6. However, Hae-won asks her why she bought it if it makes her so uncomfortable. Hui-ju says that she doesn’t need her permission to support Woo-jae and again reminds her to not approach her family. Hae-won tearfully asks her why she didn’t come clean – they were the most precious people to her, she would’ve let her have him anyway. However, Hui-ju doubles down and calls her delusional.

In turn, Hae-won asks her whether Woo-jae cooked for her and if he did, then what was his best dish. She further wonders whether Ho-su remembers his best dish. Hui-ju, fuming at this point, throws whiskey on Hae-won’s face and she starts to laugh saying that people become predictable when they are cornered. Hearing this Hui-ju leaves and has a meltdown outside the bar.

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Hui-ju and her family get ready to go to Ho-su’s baseball game, sans Li-sa who decides to be her usual bratty self, in Reflection of You episode 6. At the game, however, she is shocked to see Woo-jae, who talks to Ho-su adding to the latter’s mother’s concerns. Hyeon-seong, meanwhile, has other concerns. It turns out that he had crashed into Woo-jae which pushed him into a coma. So, both the husband and wife have f-ed up somewhere or the other.


Hyeon-seong gives Hae-won a recommendation letter and tells her that she cannot come back to the school since Hui-ju doesn’t like it.

Summing up: Reflection of You episode 6

Reflection of You is becoming tighter, with tiny revelations coming up here and there. Everyone is afraid of everyone, with Woo-jae lurking around like a zombie. However, with its 16-episode runtime, we already seem to know what happened in the past. So, does that mean there are more skeletons in the closet? I cannot wait to find out.

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 6 is a wild ride from start to finish that just gives on giving!

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 6 Recap: That's Not How Love EndsReflection of You episode 6 is a wild ride from start to finish that just gives on giving!