Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 4 Recap: What Shouldn’t Be Loved

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 4, titled What Shouldn’t Be Loved, has a runtime of 70 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 4 recap contains major spoilers –

Reflection of You episode 4 starts with Jae-won thinking about why Woo-jae left her. The winter that they got married was a great year for her. But after that, he just disappeared and she blamed herself for it.

Coming back to the end of the last episode, Hui-ju asks Hae-won that she thought that they had broken up. The latter confirms that they should have when Hui-ju had told her. However, they didn’t and he broke her somehow. She resented him for so many years for leaving her but forgiving him seemed like the easier thing to do. Plus, now that he has come back, things are different.

However, Hui-ju is confused. According to her, Woo-jae and Hae-won dated years ago briefly. So then why hasn’t she gotten over him yet? Hae-won tells her that she had her reasons. Hui-ju, though, cuts her off and tells her that nothing justifies her hurting her daughter and thus, they shouldn’t meet again.

reflection of you episode 4

About to get in her car, Hui-ju remembers her time with Woo-jae and is visibly shaken. As she drives off, Hae-won looks on and wonders that Hui-ju should’ve heard what she had to say. Back at home in Reflection of You episode 4, Hui-ju finds Seong-hyeon in bed with Ho-su and looks happy. Meanwhile, Ju-yeong sends Hae-won the doctored video and asks her what she should do next. She lets the bartender know to provide one more glass since she’s expecting someone.

The next morning in Reflection of You episode 4, Hui-ju is having a moment of crisis and thinking about Hae-won’s words regarding Woo-jae. As she looks into the fireplace, we see that Li-sa had found Woo-jae’s diary in Hui-ju’s fireplace. Seong-hyeon picks her up for school and he’s day drinking. Anyway, she asks him about the flower that she found in Woo-jae’s book and further thinking takes her back to a memory in a field when she had found the flowers. She also remembers her mother going to talk to Woo-jae.

This is when we get to know whom Hae-won was meeting the last night – it was Seong-hyeon. He tells her that he was unaware that she was married. When she asks why he’s so interested in her marital status, he says that he’s interested in Woo-jae, not her. He further asks her where she has hidden him, however, Hae-won is unfazed. She asks him whether Hui-ju knows the kind of person he is. She adds that Hui-ju probably doesn’t, since she would’ve left if she’d known. She keeps pushing him until he’s about to break, when she says that there’s no point having this conversation when they’re both miserable.

Later, in Reflection of You episode 4, Hae-won goes off to meet Sun-woo and enlists his help to meet Li-sa and apologise to her. She later runs into Hyeong-gi in the hospital lift and thanks him for his help regarding her disciplinary action. She sends him the doctored video and tells him that she hopes to get her position back.

Hui-ju meets up with Ju-yeong to give her her phone. Unbeknownst to her, Li-sa is watching their conversation and looks insanely jealous. The brat then throws her milkshake on the glass which Ju-yeong has to then clean. In the meantime, Li-sa’s tutor calls Hui-ju and tells her that she’s not at home and isn’t answering her call.

Hui-ju finds her in the dance studio talking to Hae-won. She runs to her and demands to know where she is. But Li-sa counter questions her and asks her why she met Ju-yeong behind her back. They have a verbal altercation and Li-sa storms off when Hui-ju doesn’t answer her question regarding whether she believes what Hae-won was saying.

That night in Reflection of You episode 4, Hui-ju talks to Li-sa regarding her not believing her and that she met her because she was worried about her. However, Li-sa is not interested to listen to her mother’s explanations and tells her to get out. Later that night, a worried Hui-ju finds Woo-jae’s passport and thinks back to the past when she had drugged him in order to find their passports and run away with Ho-su.

Hae-won advises Il-sung to hold out on the school’s plan to acquire land so that he can be compensated properly. However, she also adds that he can’t be too greedy, otherwise the plan will fall through. She asks him to be careful and to use the compensation money to help Ju-yeong instead of spending it in any other way. Il-sung seems to be a bit infatuated with Hae-won.

Meanwhile, Hui-ju enlists the help of a PI to track down where Woo-jae and Hae-won are staying. Looking at the certificate, she thinks back to when Hae-won had told her about her marriage. She had vehemently protested against them marrying just for the sake of it. However, Hae-won refused to listen to her.

In the present, Hui-ju travels to the apartment listed in the PI’s papers. She goes inside to find out that it’s an empty apartment that has a picture of her, Hui-ju and Woo-jae together. She thinks back to the day they got the picture taken. Woo-jae was totally against the marriage and asks her if that’s what she wanted since he’s getting married because she told him to.

At the exhibition, Hui-ju is checking out a new artist’s work that the director is a big fan of. Unfortunately for Hui-ju though, the special artist turns out to be Woo-jae.


  • All avenues point to Hyeong-gi being a possessive and abusive prick.
  • Hui-ju shares with Dong-mi that she is afraid whether she loves Ho-su at all.
  • Youngs-sun insults Hui-ju and her mother but she takes it sportingly, don’t know how.
  • Seong-hyeong finds Ju-yeong’s cell phone in Hui-ju’s bag. Talking about it with Hui-ju, the latter tells him that she trusts him but that he should avoid doing anything that can cause misunderstandings.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 4

reflection of you episode 4

With another twisty episode, Reflection of You has delivered another piece of a very confusing puzzle. Everyone in this tale is harbouring a secret and it feels like the secrets just keep piling on. There are simply too many variables to consider and it’s going to be an interesting ride. This episode, in particular, gives us a way in which all the characters are in touch with everyone else and how no one’s relationship is uncomplicated. It remains to be seen how the series go forward with such a huge web of lies and deceit.

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 4 adds more lies and deception to the mix and promises more twisty tales.

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 4 Recap: What Shouldn't Be LovedReflection of You episode 4 adds more lies and deception to the mix and promises more twisty tales.