Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 13 Recap: Some Times Do Not Disappear

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 13, titled Some Times Do Not Disappear, has a runtime of 79 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 13 recap contains major spoilers –

Reflection of You episode 13 starts at Ireland, with Woo-jae remembering everything from his past with Hui-ju. The memories come flooding back and it’s an extended flashback sequence that takes us back to some of Woo-jae’s good memories. Memories regarding Ho-su also come flooding back – memories of him playing with Ho-su and also claiming that he is his son.

Furthermore, he remembers the night he found Hui-ju and Ho-su gone, leaving him alone. He runs around trying in a panic, trying to understand what’s going on but is able to find a trace of them. Back in the present, Woo-jae schedules a flight to go back home with his newfound knowledge.

At Taerim Hospital, Yeong-seon gets her hands on Ho-su’s birth certificate, which Hyeon-seong also gets a copy of. Yeong-seon asks Hui-ju why Woo-jae’s name is on the birth certificate and Hui-ju tells her that the exchange students were very close in Ireland and thus Woo-jae helped her out and took her to the hospital – that is probably where the hospital staff asked Woo-jae to fill the form.

However, Yeong-seon isn’t someone to fall for words. Hui-ju asks her, in Reflection of You episode 13, whether Hyeon-seong knows what is going on and then tells her she shouldn’t interfere in their marriage since it is a personal thing. However, her mother-in-law is furious and tells her that this isn’t about their marriage – she won’t let someone who isn’t her grandchild to inherit her assets.

Later on, Hyeon-seong and Hae-won get into a spat where she calls him weak and pathetic for trying to keep his dignity intact till the end and he, in turn, asks her whether she’s happy in her revenge plot considering she looks distressed. He tells her that he will not divorce his wife, and she won’t either. So, it’s better that she leave him alone.

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Outside, Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong have an emotional moment as they both realise the problems they are in. As he sees Hyeong-gi walking down, he goes to confront his mother and breaks the vials. He tells her that there’s no need for the tests since he is certain that Ho-su is his son. Yeong-seon catches on that he has already done the test. She asks him to divorce her, but he refuses and says that if she leaves, then so does he.

Yeong-seon has an emotional moment in Reflection of You episode 13 and asks Hyeon-seong whether he is sure he won’t end up like her and his father. He has no answer to that and walks out, leaving his mother crying. As Hui-ju cuddles with her son, Woo-jae is coming back home and is obsessively looking at photos from his past.

The paternity test comes back saying Ho-su is Hyeon-seong’s son but Yeong-seon isn’t satisfied. She says that there must be something between her and Woo-jae considering the way that she reacted last night. Hui-ju, however, says that anyone would react like that after being accused of something that bad. Yeong-seon though isn’t convinced.

Hyeon-seong gets to know that Woo-jae is coming back home earlier than expected and that he visited the hospital before getting on the flight. Meanwhile, Ho-su tells his mother that Hyeong-gi had brought Hae-won to meet her. This prompts her to meet Hae-won and after a heated argument, she defames her in front of Jung-eun in Reflection of You episode 13. Of course, she loses her job because of this.

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Hae-won comes back home to find Woo-jae sitting in the kitchen, in Reflection of You episode 13. He looks daggers at her and she realises that he remembers everything. As he tries to go to bed, she asks him whether he has anything to say to her. However, he just walks off.

Woo-jae then gets roped into modelling gigs, which is a bit abrupt. But we do hear Hui-ju telling Dong-mi that although it’s bad that both Hyeon-seong and Yeong-seon had done a paternity test, she’s the worst of them all – she herself wasn’t sure whether Ho-su was her husband’s. After the call is done, Hui-ju gets a call from Woo-jae but she doesn’t pick up. She next gets a text from him asking her to meet him.

Meanwhile, at Hyeon-seong’s office, Woo-jae finds a picture of him with Ho-su and remembers the time when he took that photo of them. They are actually there to discuss why Hyeon-seong helped him in Ireland and Hyeon-seong gives a general and believable excuse. However, when Woo-jae asks him why there were no incident reports of the accident and how he found him, we see a flashback.

In it, we see the two of them meeting at the bar in Ireland. Woo-jae insults Hyeon-seong and Hui-ju and says things about her to clearly rile Hyeon-seong up. That works and Hyeon-seong holds him by the collar and asks him whether he was always so pathetic. Woo-jae says that he was but that Hui-ju still fell for him. The riling up did get the best of Hyeon-seong who proceeds to run over Woo-jae.

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Anyway, Hyeon-seong says that his lawyers did give him an incident report, in Reflection of You episode 13. Woo-jae says that he fears that it’s so detailed that truth might be buried. Hyeon-seong brushes that off and tells him to meet him and Hui-ju. Woo-jae tells him, in turn, that he has already called Hui-ju.

That night, in Reflection of You episode 13, Woo-jae asks Hae-won for a break up. She is shocked at this and asks him whether he thinks he has a shot with Hui-ju if they break up. He says that he will be the man she deserves. She, however, calls him an addict and he asks him whether she thinks she is any different.

Woo-jae concerns Hui-ju at the studio in Reflection of You episode 13. There, he asks her to keep her marriage with Hyeon-seong but to continue her affair with him. He corners her again later on and continues to ask her to make a decision. When she refuses to have an affair with him, he harasses her. That’s when Hyeon-seong comes in and she goes off with her husband, leaving Woo-jae frustrated.

After the incident, Hui-ju tries to assure Hyeon-seong that nothing happened between them but he says that he knows. He further asks her to have some faith in her mother since she is really trying to get her life together. That night, Woo-jae again starts calling Hui-ju, who goes to meet him. She finds him destroying his work and asks her to not leave him. She tells him that after the project is over, she never wants to meet him again – this is her answer to his earlier question.

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In turn, in Reflection of You episode 13, he shows her the pen with a portion of the umbilical cord inside. He tells her that she left without giving him a chance but he promises to do better this time. He again begs her for a chance. He reminds her that she had told him that she cannot fix a broken marriage and so he asks her to love her like before. He then hugs her and promises to get back everything that he lost.


  • Hyeong-gi tries to convince Min-seo to have their son Jeong-hwan come back to Korea to study medicine.
  • Ju-yeong gives Li-sa a piece of her mind, but it just ends in the two tearing at each other’s hair.
  • Hui-ju opens up to Dong-mi.
  • Woo-jae’s continued calls become a source of contention for Hyeon-seong who has dreams of strangling Hui-ju.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 13

I don’t even know what to say here anymore with this series. I am confused as to what all of these characters want from each other. What is the end goal that they want to achieve by doing this? Everyone is making horrible decisions which I am sure will help no one.

Hae-won’s motivations behind her actions are even more confusing since she is the one who gets nothing out of this mess. However, she is still going on this lost crusade. With 3 more episodes to go, I am more confused about how they are going to wrap this up than anything else. That being said, we did get a lot of answers in this episode of Reflection of You which is always a good idea.

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 13 is a twisty episode, one that will give birth to more questions than answers.

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 13 Recap: Some Times Do Not DisappearReflection of You episode 13 is a twisty episode, one that will give birth to more questions than answers.