Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 12 Recap: Not Hell Yet

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 12, titled Not Hell Yet, has a runtime of 76 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 12 recap contains major spoilers –

Reflection of You episode 12 starts with Hyeon-seong asking a terrified Hui-ju whether she was with Woo-jae. She doesn’t say anything at first, wondering what she can say and how much her husband knows, but when Hyeon-seong asks her to at least make an excuse, she says that he can neither lie nor make an excuse. For once, she tells him the truth about everything.

He asks her why she did it and she says that it was a mistake, anything else she says would be an excuse. She tells him that she is ashamed of what she had done and the hurt she has caused him and their children. When he doesn’t say anything, she tells him that she will do as he says. She would understand if he wants nothing to do with her and will leave if he wants to. Hyeon-seong just stands there speechless, looking at her.

Meanwhile, in Reflection of You episode 12, Hae-won meets Woo-jae at the bar and they get to talking about Hui-ju and why he was at the hospital. He asks her whether she wants him to break up with her but she says that he had a lot of time before registering their marriage or before their wedding. However, now he’s saying it as if he’s doing her the favour. She then adds that she wishes he had died in Ireland. Then, she wouldn’t be resenting him so much.

Woo-jae promises her that he will remember what he has done to her at all costs so that he can properly apologise. Hae-won says that that is why she is keeping the two of them close.

The next day, in Refection of You episode 12, Hui-ju wakes up and thinks about Hyeon-seong telling her the night before that if he wanted to break up, he wouldn’t have made the effort to look for her. She and his family are the only things he has ever fought for in his life. He then burns the picture and then very scarily tells her that she cannot leave his side ever again. I mean, I get Hyeon-seong’s anger, but holy shit.

Anyway, later on, in Reflection of You episode 12, Hyeong-gi tells Yeong-seon that Hyeon-seong, Woo-jae and Hui-ju were in Ireland at the same time. However, during Woo-jae’s accident, Hyeon-seong was nowhere to be seen. Yeong-seon shuts that down but the word of the digging gets to Hyeon-seong who looks concerned. He says, however, that he doesn’t care that he is digging. He would just like to know why he is.

Hae-won asks Woo-jae why he was looking at flights to Dublin. She asks him whether he’s running away again, but he tells her that he wants to remember everything that he did so that he can ask for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Hyeon-seong asks Hui-ju to not walk on eggshells around him – he had believed her when she said that she regretted her actions.

The next night, in Reflection of You episode 12, Hae-won and Woo-jae are a bit surprised to be invited to a fancy restaurant by Jung-eun. However, they are shocked to know that it’s actually Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong who have invited her. At an awkward dinner table the two women are at each other’s throats. In the bathroom, Hui-ju tells Hae-won that she and Hyeon-seong have talked about her affair, thanks to her and that everything is ok between them.

Hae-won then tries to taunt Hyeon-seong, but that doesn’t work and the latter tells her to stay away from his family. It is evident that things aren’t that smooth between the two and Hae-won picks up on it as well although the two of them try to showcase otherwise.

Anyway, after going home, Hae-won gets sick in Reflection of You episode 12. She then asks Woo-jae whether Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong looked happy together and sadly mentions that there was a time that she wanted to be like her.

Woo-jae asks Hui-ju, later on, to let her know that his work is done. He then asks her why he went to Ireland and didn’t return and why they broke up. Hui-ju refuses to answer any of those questions and hangs up. In a flashback, we see how Woo-jae was almost obsessed with Hui-ju and asked her to come with him even with her husband there. She asks him to go home and wait for her and after much convincing, he does.

When she finally get there, he angrily asks her whether she slept with Hyeon-seong and becomes a bit violent. She thinks back loving and hating Woo-jae’s recklessness and Hyeon-seong comes to her studio to find her sleeping. Meanwhile, Hae-won comes back home to find that Woo-jae has left for Dublin.

Hyeon-seong and Yeong-seon get into a spat when the latter asks him to dump Hui-ju and marry someone else. Apparently, he’s still young and can marry anyone he wants to. However, Hyeon-seong vehemently opposes and tells her that he loves her and will never let her go. She screams so loudly that it wakes Ho-su up, effectively ending that conversation.

Woo-jae slowly tries to familiarise himself with Ireland and everything that went on all those years ago. Except, Hyeon-seong isn’t too happy about it. In a flashback, we see Woo-jae and Hui-ju having a splendid time at an Irish pub. Thrown back to the present, we see Hui-ju cutting her foot on broken glass while Hae-won tells Hyeong-gi that he should check out Ho-su’s birth and who was written as her guardian.

Yeong-seon has gotten to know about this and she calls Hui-ju to do a paternity test on him. Meanwhile, in Ireland, the pub’s bartender gives Woo-jae a pen-like thing that contains a piece of the umbilical cord. He remembers cutting it after Ho-su’s birth and taking care of him later on. Standing on the edge of a cliff, Woo-jae thinks back to his time with Hui-ju – he now remembers everything.


  • Hui-ju tries to help Min-seo to not put up with Hyeong-gi’s abuse. She becomes defensive and asks her to get lost.
  • Hae-won asks Je-young to finish school so that she can have a bright future, regardless of what anyone says.
  • Seon-u tries to defend Hui-ju to Hae-won but the latter calls him disgusting and asks him to get lost.
  • Li-sa is pissed to know that Ju-yeong won’t be going to Taerim.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 12

Reflection of You episode 12 just makes me want to shake everyone and remind them to get some therapy. As the episodes slowly come to an end, I am getting more enraged as to how much no one wants to do better with their lives. Woo-jae, after getting his memories back, still wants to pursue Hui-ju, someone who ghosted him with his son. Hui-ju just really needs to take some responsibility, Hae-won just needs to move on and get serious help for her trauma and Hyeon-seong needs to divorce his wife and stay alone for a bit. It’s an absolute mess in all of these relationships and I am here for the drama!

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 12 is crazy - with people being angry, abusive and very messed up left. right and centre.

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 12 Recap: Not Hell YetReflection of You episode 12 is crazy - with people being angry, abusive and very messed up left. right and centre.