Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 11 Recap: Anyone, Anytime, Can Be a Monster

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 11, titled Anyone, Anytime, Can Be a Monster, has a runtime of 70 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 11 recap contains major spoilers –

Reflection of You episode 11 starts with Hae-won at a kid’s store looking at a mask – the same mask the person who kidnapped Ho-su wore. We next see Hae-won talking to Il-seong and telling him to meet Hyeon-seong at his home if he declines to meet him anywhere else. In fact, it’s his son’s birthday the next day so a lot of people will be there. She then whispers something in his ear before leaving. I really hoped Hae-won wouldn’t be the person to kidnap Ho-su, or wouldn’t be a part of the plot, but things don’t seem too good now.

On the day of Ho-su’s birthday, she leaves a note for Hui-ju and then we go back to Hui-ju losing her mind over Ho-su’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Ho-su is walking down with the vampire man and it’s too late when he realises this guy is not good news. At the same time, Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong have got their hands on the security footage and are freaking out about what to do in Reflection of You episode 11. She suggests calling the police, like any rational person, but Yeong-seon tells them to not freak out and take care of the guests first lest they gossip. Hui-ju runs off to talk to Hae-won, leaving the mother-daughter to handle the guests.

At the gallery, Hui-ju gets Hae-won on a chokehold in front of everyone and demands to know where Ho-su is. She doesn’t say anything and Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong take Hae-won to the police station for further questioning. Unfortunately, though, the police tell them that although Hae-won was near their house, she was on public transport while Ho-su was picked up. They let her go home, much to Hui-ju’s dismay.

reflection of you episode 11

At home, in Reflection of You episode 11, Yeong-seon keeps talking down to Hui-ju, who has had enough of her mother-in-law’s shit. She essentially tells her to fuck off and then storms off to talk to Woo-jae. She asks Woo-jae to talk ask Hae-won whether she knows anything and he tells her that he’s on his way to see her now. However, as this conversation is ending, she hears Hyeon-seong and the police rushing off somewhere.

Hyeon-seong has gone to meet Il-seong who was calling him for so long. He searches around and asks him where his son is. However, he doesn’t cooperate with him but he does tell him that he came to see him for his pride, not his son. Thus, they are both bad fathers. Hyeon-seong is not in the mood though and tries to beat him up but the police catch him before it’s too late.

On the other hand, Woo-jae has gone to meet Hae-won and ends up at Il-seong’s place. The latter sees Hae-won going in and gets down to catch her when Hyeon-seong asks him why he’s here and how he knows about Ho-su. The moment Woo-jae asks about Hui-ju, Hyeon-seong punches him and asks him how he dares to ask him about Hui-ju again. Woo-jae is confused about the “again” part but before he can get an answer, the police call him inside.

Next, in Reflection of You episode 11, the police arrest Il-seong after they find the mask in his apartment. After they take him away, Hui-ju almost loses her mind asking Woo-jae and Hyeon-seong where her son is. Meanwhile, we see Hae-won taking care of Ho-su in their apartment. Woo-jae walks in and is appalled seeing Ho-su there and takes him back home.

When they come home, Hui-ju and Hyeon-seong are shocked to find Woo-jae standing outside with Ho-su in Reflection of You episode 11. They embrace him and are greeted by Hae-won who asks them that it must have been awful to lose someone, even for a short amount of time. They start arguing with Hae-won when Yeong-seon comes out with Hyeong-gi. After Yeong-seon takes Ho-su inside the house, Hyeong-gi informs Hyeon-seong that Hae-won had called them to let them know that she had found Ho-su.

Hae-won says something interesting though when Woo-jae asks her what the meaning of all this was – many children don’t even get to celebrate their birthdays once so Ho-su will be able to do his birthday over, now that he is safe. It’s interesting because I don’t think Hae-won’s issues lie just with Hui-ju “stealing” Woo-jae. I think she lost a child at some point and all of this is because of that hatred. This series just gets to me! Anyway, she reminds him that he’s her family, not theirs.

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Later on, Hui-ju finds Hae-won’s note among the pile of gifts. The next morning in Reflection of You episode 11, Gyeong-gi tells Hui-ju that Hae-won has submitted a recording of her asking Il-seong to give Ho-su back. By the recording, it seems like she’s innocent in all this, but it does not look good for her from a viewer’s perspective at all.

Anyway, Hui-ju takes the envelope and meets Hae-won. She asks her what’s inside and Hae-won simply tells her to look inside instead of asking her. When she refuses to open the package, Hae-won draws on a napkin and tells her that when Woo-jae’s things were returned, there was a single picture – the picture being the one that she drew of Woo-jae taking a mirror selfie with Hui-ju and Ho-su as a baby. Hae-won asks her whether she recognises it, but Hui-ju remains silent.

Hae-won tells her that after seeing the photo she had a lot of things on her mind in Reflection of You episode 11. She also thought that Hui-ju wouldn’t do something like that to her since she loved and trusted her. However, Hui-ju says that Ho-su is Hyeon-seong’s son and nothing like that happened between them. Hae-won shuts that down though and tells her that she just wants to watch her life get ruined.

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Hui-ju then really digs into Hae-won in Reflection of You episode 11 and tells her that she’s a sad and pathetic person who does not like to see other’s be happy. She likes dragging others down with her. Hae-won calmly says that if she’s a monster, then what are those who made her that way? She then wonders who found the photo that she had sent her and then goes off.

Back at home, Hae-won is shocked to find Woo-jae back and they engage in a conversation. Hae-won tells her that through all of this ordeal, Ho-su has probably learned that people use and hurt children and that he shouldn’t just trust anyone and everyone. As she gets up to leave, Woo-jae asks her what she has done to him. Hae-won just walks away.

As Ho-su is with a therapist in Reflection of You episode 11, Hui-ju tells Hyeon-seong that because of her upbringing, she has underestimated her children’s hardships. She asks Hyeon-seong whether the children realise that she’s a bad mother because of it. She clearly feels very guilty for what happened to Ho-su and asks Hyeon-seong to keep their son safe.

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As she goes out to get some air, Hui-ju is shocked to see Woo-jae going to meet the president of the hospital. Inside, Woo-jae is getting compensated for bringing Ho-su home safe by Yeong-seon and Gyeong-gi. Woo-jae says that he hasn’t done anything to deserve a reward. Yeong-seon then says that they will buy his art. When he says that they are not for sale yet, Yeong-seon says that they already own one of their pieces. Woo-jae is left confused at this revelation.

After he goes out, Hui-ju takes him out to ask him why he was with the president. He tells her the truth and she keeps badgering him with questions. At one point, she even asks him why he had to take the picture that Hae-won sent her. It’s so surreal – it’s not like Hui-ju was cheating on her husband with him; as it was just Woo-jae! Woo-jae rightfully gets frustrated and tells her that he’s done with the two of them pushing him around without telling him anything that is going on.

Before leaving, he tells her that firstly, he will get his memories back on his own and secondly, that Hyeon-seong probably knows everything about their affair, in Reflection of You episode 11.

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That night, Hyeon-seong dreams of Hui-ju making out with Woo-jae and rushes to Woo-jae’s studio. He, however, meets Hae-won there and asks her where Woo-jae is. She gives him Woo-jae’s location and tells him that she doesn’t know who is with him. She further adds, in Reflection of You episode 11, that people tend to ignore things that make them uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the thing disappear. He should, thus, go and see for himself and she sends him Woo-jae’s location.

Hyeon-seong does go to the location but chickens out before seeing anything in Reflection of You episode 11. Or maybe he does see something but is unable to break up the party. It is then revealed that it was Hyeon-seong who found the picture of Woo-jae, Hui-ju and Ho-su. He sits there crying in the car holding the picture, consumed by rage and sadness.

Later on, in Reflection of You episode 11, Hyeon-seong confronts Hui-ju and asks her where she was and throws the picture at her. He screams at her to answer him, lie to him even, instead of not saying anything. Hui-ju looks at him scared out of her mind.


Ju-yeong asks Hae-won to be her guardian.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 11

Reflection of You really pushes my buttons. After today’s episode, I have no faith in humanity and am confused regarding whom to back. Every character in this series is absolutely childish and no one can make adult decisions or confront the things that they have done in the past. I feel for Hae-won, I really do, but abducting children is where I draw the line.

On the other hand, Hui-ju is just so frustratingly childish and refuses to face her past that it’s going to backfire on her face. Trying to brush your wrongdoings under the rug has rarely worked for anyone and I doubt that it’ll work this time. Plus, why does she act like she’s the victim? She cheated on her husband but somehow that’s everyone else’s fault except for her.

Woo-jae is just… well, he’s blank so what can you do? Hyeon-seong really needs to see what’s in front of him instead of turning a blind eye. I hope he’ll take matters into his own hands after today’s episode, but you never know.

Either way, another excellent episode has got me worked up. I know I will get hate for being salty about Hui-ju and her actions but cheating is unacceptable, especially when you don’t take responsibility for your actions. Anyway, the next episode is going to be something and I am really looking forward to to get some answers!

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 11 is a breath-taking episode dripping with thrill and deception at every point!

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 11 Recap: Anyone, Anytime, Can Be a MonsterReflection of You episode 11 is a breath-taking episode dripping with thrill and deception at every point!