Netflix’s Racket Boys Episodes 1 and 2 Recap: An Absolute Family Drama

Racket Boys episodes 1 and 2 came out this week. Directed by Cho Young-kwang, it is a K-drama currently streaming on Netflix. The series is a sports drama focusing on badminton.

Whoever loves K-drama is going to have a field day with this one. If you want to know the reasons behind that though, read on this Racket Boys episodes 1 and 2 recap, but look out for spoilers!

Racket Boys

Well, it’s a story of every middle-class family, where your father is responsible for your well-being only to find out he is sacrificing his life or cutting down his necessities to earn for his family. Same with this story.

The series opens with a scene where a middle-aged man, Yoon Hyeon-jong serves a cock at a badminton stadium with utmost confidence only to shift to the reality where he is unable to pay his rent for four months and doesn’t know how to pay for his son Hae-kang’s baseball camp.

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In such a perilious situation, Yoon Hyeon-jong has to pack up his family’s things and relocate. He then gets an offer for a coaching gig after trying different odd jobs and even starts to live in a pretty house that seemed very costly to them previously. However, in spite of all of this, Hae-in and Hae-kang, Hyeon-jong’s daughter and son respectively, find something very mysterious. What that is, though, is something that you need to find out.

On the other hand, Hyeon-jong gets to the school to find out the badminton team only has three players Bang Yoon-dam, Yong-tae, and Na Woo-chan, and to participate in the competition they will need another one, so will Hae-kang fit in the picture and become the ‘Racket Boys’?

Well, yes he will be a part of it, won’t disclose how because it is you who needs to watch it but at the end of the first episode, you will get to know who made it to the finals and how things will unfurl further.

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The second episode explores the more emotional side of things. The Racket Boys unveils bullies and how Hae-kang stands up against the tormentors. They also get to know about a ‘White Wolf’ who is a coach himself. And, at the end of the episode, Hae-kang plays singles against Woo-chan in the competition. Will he win? What will happen next? Watch this series to know more. Episode 3 will release on June 7.

Racket Boys

Skip it or Stream it

I will recommend you to start watching Racket Boys episodes 1 and 2 even if the language is different. Because we have a huge K-drama family, don’t we? The series plays well with various emotions, it has a healthy dose of both happy and sad moments that will make you bond with the characters. The plot has a very realistic touch that we, who come from a middle-class family, can relate to. It’s a story of yours, a story of mine. Well, we may not play badminton but the main motto reaches out to us.

The camera work has been done with a great sense and the actors have given their heart and soul to make this series so colourful. It’s a story of a family and friendship that will touch your heart. Four young boys living their lives under pressure, tension and love for the game.

Racket Boys episodes 1 and 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Racket Boys, Netflix's new K-drama, is all about friendship, love and badminton that reaches our hearts too well.


  1. For me, is clear who only think about money, and who are really care about badminton!
    I think Indonesia should start demanding royalties from SBS. SBS has taken advantage of the Sudirman Cup popularity. Even Marcus and Kevin poster are also not spared from this stingy producer.
    In America, film producers always pay royalties when useing names, pictures or anything related to the NBA, NFL or their athletes. We are aware, running a league it is not cheap! Moreover, the cost to defending a world cham titel!

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Racket Boys, Netflix's new K-drama, is all about friendship, love and badminton that reaches our hearts too well.Netflix's Racket Boys Episodes 1 and 2 Recap: An Absolute Family Drama