Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 8 Recap: Team Spirit Is All That Matters

Racket Boys is a sports k-drama directed by Cho Young-kwang. The series stars Kim Sang-kyung, Na-ra Oh, Tang Joon-sang, and Sang-Yeon Son, along with other cast members. Racket Boys episode 8 has a runtime of 1 hour and 12 mins.

This episode is all about the Racket Boys and their competition. It will unfurl a lot of emotions and I will be lying if I say I didn’t shed one or two drops of tears. This episode will make you laugh, cry and might let you bite your nails as well because the match sequences have that much tension.

Racket Boys episode 8
Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 8 Recap: Team Spirit Is All That Matters 4

The episode opens with Racket Boys planning their game strategies where Woo-chan discovers his weakness. He starts practicing to figure out what to do and how to fix his fault as he has a doubles match with In-sol. 

On the other hand, the team gets ready for each of their individual matches. Meanwhile, Hae-kang is only being himself. In today’s episode, Haenam Seo Middle School goes against the Busan school and the team is rooting for Hae-kang to win the match. But during practice, Hae-kang sprains his ankle. Now, what will happen to his match? Will he be able to play? What about his team? Will they be able to proceed towards preliminaries?

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It was time for Yoon-daam to prove his skill-set in his singles and with his correct postures and swing style, he wins the match but to win against Busan they have to get past over 2 matches. 

Next was Yong-tae in line, but he loses his match. Now it was time for Woo-chan and In-sol’s duo. Woo-chan gets on the court as if it’s his last match. He all of sudden finds a solution to his weakness and he plays like a tiger. But, during the match, he falls over and hurts his shoulder. Coach Yoon Hyeon-jong withdraws from the match. It seems Woo-chan couldn’t accept his loss and immediately storms out of the court. 

He meets with his father who had opposed his badminton playing but was secretly watching him play. As he stands in front of him, we are left to wonder, will Woo-chan’s father let him play badminton? Will he accept his son as he is? What will happen next? I am not giving you any spoilers in my Racket Boys episode 8 recap but to be honest, I cried in this scene.

Racket Boys episode 8
Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 8 Recap: Team Spirit Is All That Matters 5

In meantime, Yong-tae and Yoon-daam play doubles and win that match, making the scoreboard tie. Yoon-daam even makes it to the National team. Haenam Seo Middle School is at 2 and Busan is at 2 too. Now, it is time for Hae-kang to play against Busan. What will happen in the match is amazing. After this match will Hae-kang leave badminton and join his basketball team? To know all of this you should definitely give Racket Boys episode 8 a watch.

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Stream it or Skip it: Racket Boys episode 8

I would suggest STREAM IT. This episode will give you a full emotional ride and the match sequences will also make you anticipate to know who wins and who loses. Racket Boys’ goal is to defeat Park Chan, but it seems Park Chan wants to take Se-yoon out on a date or something. Will Hae-kang be able to tell his feelings finally? We don’t know that part yet.

Racket Boys episode 8
Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 8 Recap: Team Spirit Is All That Matters 6

The makers of this series could trim the village neighbourhood issues to save a bit of time. Nevertheless, it was worth watching.

Racket Boys Episode 8 is currently streaming on Netflix.




Racket Boys episode 8 will take you through a rush of emotions.

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