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Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 6 Recap: Learnt the Lesson

Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 6 Recap: Learnt the Lesson

Racket Boys is a sports k-drama directed by Cho Young-kwang. The series stars Kim Sang-kyung, Na-ra Oh, Tang Joon-sang, and Sang-Yeon Son, along with other cast members. Racket Boys episode 6 has a runtime of 1 hour 12 minutes.

Racket Boys episode 6

The episode opens with a scene where the Racket boys are waiting for their training to begin only to find out that it’s a lapping day which means they have to run for the whole day. In fear of running for the whole day, the boys plan to skip the training, except Yoon-dam.

Hae-kang, Woo-chan, Yong-tae, and In-sol go on a trip to have a fun day but instead, they find out that they have lost the money at the terminal. Later, they work as labourers at a construction site and get paid to return home. As the story moves along, however, it seems like that they are about to get robbed. How will they save themselves from getting scammed? What will happen next? Well, in this journey, they will make a few mistakes and realise how important the rules are.

On the other hand, Yoon-dam practices with the girls back at the gymnasium in Racket Boys episode 6 and other coaches come to see how Se-yoon plays badminton. While on another separate part, Yoon Hyeon-jong goes to rekindle his friendship with an old friend from his school and college. I really enjoyed this part, but there was no need to show how Yoon Hyeon-jong drives for so long.

The highlight of Racket Boys episode 6 is when the boys and the girls give Hae-in, Hae-kang’s sister, a pamper day where the girls get her ready, the boys get her a buffet lunch and Hae-kang and Hae-in’s mother arranges a movie theatre at home with the help of In-sol. That part was so cute.

Racket Boys episode 6

We will also get a ‘Hae-kang and Se-yoon’ moment together, where we might see them getting a little bit closer as they share their feelings about certain things.

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Racket Boys episode 6 ends with the news of the badminton match-doubles and singles and Hae-kang learning that he will be playing against one of the top badminton players. However, it seems like he is confident in his abilities and is thus unfazed by the competition that is coming his way. Nevertheless, fans are left to wonder – will he be able to win the match or will he lose it? Can we expect more badminton matches in the next episode? The next episode promises more excitement and a few answers, hopefully! The next episode will release on Monday, June 21.


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Why should you keep watching: Racket Boys?

The series is more than just a sports drama, it is a family drama too. There are many layers to it, be it friendship or love or relationships or badminton. For example, right from the beginning, Hae-kang wanted to prove that he likes baseball more than badminton but when he has to stay alone for the night in stormy weather, he grasps onto his badminton racket to not feel afraid of the thundering. It’s moments like these that make Racket Boys episode 6 shine.

The episodes may lack in showing more tournament sequences but these little moments are worth watching.

Racket Boys episode 6 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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