Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 5 Recap: A Doubles to Watch and Romance to Brew

Racket Boys is a sports k-drama directed by Cho Young-kwang. The series stars Kim Sang-kyung, Na-ra Oh, Tang Joon-sang, and Sang-Yeon Son, alongwith other cast members. Racket Boys episode 5 has a runtime of 1 hour 1 minute.

In this episode, we will get to witness doubles as well as a singles matches. So, somewhat, my expectation did match this episode. Keep reading the Racket Boys episode 5 recap to know what happens.

Before I start with the review, I want to declare that this series has shown too many delicacies which made me hungry. Every now and then, the characters are eating chicken leg pieces and noodles, and other interesting things.

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Racket Boys episode 5
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 5 Recap: A Doubles to Watch and Romance to Brew 5

Racket Boys episode 5 opens with a scene where the Racket Boys- Hae-kang, Woo-chan, Yong-tae, and Yoon-dam are having a great meal. In this episode, we will see these boys gel up a little more keeping their egos aside. One scene that touched my heart was when the boys get on the school bus and Hae-kang takes the seat next to the other guys instead of sitting alone, proving to be one of the Racket Boys.

The story moves along and we see that Se-yoon gets over her headache problems with the help of a kind of medicine that will not get her into trouble for doping. Now she thinks it’s Yong-tae who gave her the medicine. But is that really Yong-tae’s work or is somebody else helping Se-yoon?

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On the other hand, coach Yoon Hyeon-jong sets two teams to prepare the boys for doubles. He puts his son Hae-kang and the captain of the team Yoon-dam in one (Team B) and Yong-tae and Woo-chan in another (Team A). Everything goes well with Team A but things go southwards when Team B gets in to play. Will they be able to resolve their problems and be a team together to play the match? How will they even face the other teams who are invited from different schools to play with them?

In Racket Boys episode 5, we will get to see another version of Hae-kang. I think he has started liking Se-yoon and somewhere in this episode, a beautiful love story may bloom.

Why should you keep watching: Racket Boys episode 5

  • Racket Boys episode 5
  • Racket Boys episode 5
  • Racket Boys episode 5

Well, this episode has lived up to my expectation to some extent but it still misses that charm of badminton. But the best part of this series is that it shows very simple problems of daily life like wifi problems or feeling the absence of your mom’s existence because of her workload, teen romance, and a wonderful friendship to cherish.

The director has done a great job in portraying the beautiful visuals of South Korea, be it apple fields or their practice gymnasiums. Though the episode could’ve been wrapped up quicker, it’s good for a one-time watch and will make you laugh and might make you feel the butterflies too.

Racket Boys episode 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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Racket Boys episode 5 will show a beautiful bond between friends and hints at a teen romance brewing.

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