Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 4 Recap: A Friendship in Making

Racket Boys episode 4 released yesterday and the story took another curve. Cho Young-kwang has directed this sports K-drama which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Racket Boys episode 4 will tangle the boys in many problems but will also show some new hope. Stay tuned to know what happens in this episode.

Racket Boys episode 4

The episode opens with a badminton match where two young boys are competing with each other in the off-season summer training program. Soon enough, you get to know that that rising badminton star is none other than Hae-kang. Very smoothly the director moves to the present day, merging Hae-kang’s present and past situations.

This new episode will show how the boys face problems regarding their tournament and how the coaches deal with it. Will the Racket Boys win the tournament? There may be another entry in the team, who will it be?

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It’s time for the tournament, but as it seems the team has no budget for it. Suddenly, Coach Bae arranges an advance amount to get the boys to the ground for the match. How did he do that? From where did he get the money? Watch this episode till the end to know it.

As the story unfurls further, the boys’ team and the girls’ team leave for the tournament but on the night before the match, Hae-kang’s father, coach Yoon Hyeon-jong gets drunk and misses the time for the match. They get at the stadium way too late and Coach Fang declares that they are not eligible to play this time. How disheartening!

Hae-kang’s class topper, In-sol wants to play badminton, but his father, who is the head of the council, asks Yoon Hyeon-jong to make his son quit the game. Will he able to do that or will the situation backfire on him? It’s very unusual for him to do that because he’s a coach and he trains kids to make them better and not quit. But that student’s father is way too smart, and he comes around with an offer to double his salary. Now, what will Yoon Hyeon-jong do?

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On the other hand, Hae-in, Hae-kang’s baby sister, gets a seizure attack while watching tv with the other boys. However, since Hae-kang was not home at that time, the boys get her to the hospital and save her. Will this make Hae-kang a bit close to his gang? Racket Boys episode 4 might just be able to answer that question.

To sum it up: Racket Boys episode 4

The one complaint that I had with the previous episode, that the sports sequence is missing, is covered slightly more in this one, although I am still not as impressed with it. But, the emotional bonds that the director wanted to develop truly touched my heart. A sweet friendship is blossoming among the Racket Boys and In-sol and it’s just a matter of time that they might become close friends as well.

Racket Boys Episode 4

The plus point in this series is it brews every relationship delicately and allows all the colours of the emotions to play. The only thing that is bothering me is the length of the episodes. The director could have trimmed the time a bit. The next episode will release on June 14.

Racket Boys is currently streaming on Netflix.


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